Local Store Donations

In Good360’s Local Store Donation Program (LSDP), your organisation can be matched with a retail store in your local area to receive product donations which can be used in your community. Your organisation will be responsible for collecting the donations from the local store – saving you shipping costs and time!

This is a great way to build a relationship with the retailers donating goods in your area as well as help your organisation in fulfilling the needs of your community. Be sure to visit the Local Store Donations section of our online catalogue to see which local stores are available and find out more information on each of the programs we offer. Click here to check out our NFP Handbook to understand how the program works and how to better grow your partnership with your matched retail store.

One-Time Local Store Donation

On many occasions, local retail stores will have one-time donations available. You will find these donations in the Local Store Donations section of our online store. These donations require the matched NFP organisation to collect product donations from the store as a one-time pickup. You will be informed by Good360 or the local retail store when the one-time collection must occur – sometimes pickup must occur during a specific period and sometimes there is flexibility to arrange a date with your retail store. More detail will be provided in the individual store listings, so please read these carefully.

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