A brand new way for making good happen

Good360 offers you the chance to change the world by joining a team of committed professionals who use their talents to help companies, nonprofits and individuals come together to do good, better. We seek talented and ambitious individuals who can help us deliver impact for our nonprofit and corporate partners every single day, allowing us to help Australians in need.

Our organisational values include:

We bring kindness to every interaction. ‘Tempering every interaction with kindness allows people and possibilities to flourish’.

We build open and honest relationships through communication. ‘Building trusting relationships makes us more productive and effective’.

We collaborate – not replicate. ‘We know that the sum is greater than the parts, we share knowledge, collaborate and support other NFPs to maximise collective impact’.

We embrace and drive change. ‘We believe in making positive impact on people and the planet, and it starts with ourselves’.

By doing this we are:
Innovative, efficient and we collaborate – not replicate.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Good360 is committed to providing the best employment opportunities for our employees. That’s why we are working towards the below Sustainable Development Goals, so we can provide a safe and equal workplace.

Good360 encourage a safety and wellbeing focus in both offices and warehouse environments.

Good360 is an equal opportunity employer.

Good360 invest in new technology as well as innovative new programs to promote growth and help reach more Australians in need.

Good360 promote diversity and inclusion.

Current opportunities

National Partnership & Merchandise Coordinator

Good360 is seeking a passionate, dynamic and independent National Partnerships & Merchandise Coordinator.  This is a new position that has been created as a result of strong business growth and will provide support to our Head of Business Development. The main objectives of this role are to develop, maintain and enhance our corporate partnerships, grow our revenue base and flow of product donations in key product categories, as well as building our brand with our corporate partners and their employees and consumers.
Ideally you will have an established network of industry contacts, strong organizational, writing skills and high levels of commercial acumen to drive positive outcomes for Good360.
This is a great opportunity for a highly motivated and energetic person, with the ability to think strategically and outside the box. You love doing great business and finding that fertile ground for collaboration. It is an exciting and fulfilling role that will change the lives of Australians in need, creating environmental change and providing businesses with a corporate social responsibility strategy to engage employees and consumers.  We are able to offer flexibility for this position in terms of work location – you can work remotely with an expectation for some occasional travel to our Smithfield warehouse/office and external meetings.