Providing Hope and Dignity

Good360 has provided over $145 million (RRP) worth of donated essential goods, which is more than 17.5M items to support disaster recovery in Australia since 2019.

Businesses, charities and communities trust Good360’s proven record to deliver the right goods, to the right people, at the right time, helping to provide hope and dignity.

$1 donated to Good360 delivers $20 of essential goods during disaster.

A resilient response to Disaster Recovery

Good360 helps get the right goods, to the right people, at the right time throughout all stages of a disaster providing hope and dignity to communities adversely impacted.

Australia has experienced back-to-back disasters over the last few years and people who would not normally ask for help are now part of a new vulnerable community – the need is greater than ever before and demand is expected to continue to grow.

Good360’s approach to Disaster Recovery is strategic and sustainable providing a resilient response throughout all stages of a disaster. We use a coordinated and collaborative process partnering with over 450 Australian businesses who trust Good360 to provide the right goods where and when they are needed the most.

For families already hardest hit by COVID-19, the floods were the final straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. But thanks to some generous donations from Good360 and businesses like BIG W, we have been able to provide vulnerable families with clothes and shoes.

We are there in the early days with personal care items, clothing, hygiene and PPE goods.

And importantly we are there for the long term when the media spotlight has dimmed, months and years after the event with goods to help rebuild lives including furniture and homewares. Communities trust we will stand with them because we know disasters are a marathon not a sprint.

Effective disaster recovery efforts face these challenges

of goods donated during times of disaster ends up in landfill or otherwise goes to waste

of giving is received within the first six weeks of a disaster

of disaster giving is designated for long-term recovery

Good360 and our partners rebuild communities

From initial impact until communities move into permanent homes, Good360 strives to get the right goods to the right people at the right time. To do this, we need passionate corporate partners who understand that rebuilding lives after a disaster is a long term commitment that could take years to complete.

Good360 and Winning Group companies through our partnership with Andoo supported not for profits during the Lismore / Northern Rivers Floods. By working together to create disaster resiliency and rebuild communities impacted by disasters, we are able to show communities we are standing with them through all stages of the disaster.

Our Approach to Disaster Recovery

The lifecycle of a disaster is a marathon, not a sprint and Good360 focuses on a six-phase disaster recovery framework for giving funds, goods and volunteer time during disasters: Readiness, Response, Recover, Rebuild, Refurnish and Revive. These five stages help businesses and everyday Australians understand where the need lies at any given time throughout a disaster’s lifecycle.


Preparedness ahead of time helps to mitigate the impact of a disaster on communities.

Items: personal hygiene kits, clean-up kits, flood buckets, drinking water.


In the immediate aftermath, the greatest concern is for the protection of life and property.

Items: nappies, blankets, respirators, disposal overalls, gloves.


This phase focuses on the clean-up and fixing damage brought on by the disaster.

Items: mops, buckets, shovels, tarps, cleaning supplies.


As survivors move beyond the recovery phase, the focus shifts to rebuilding homes, businesses and lives.

Items: insulation, flooring, plasterboard, roofing, tools, paint.


As displaced families move back, they often need to replace most or all of their household goods. 

Items: furniture, appliances, rugs, sheets, towels, small appliances.


As displaced families move back, they often need to replace most or all of their household goods. 

Items: furniture, appliances, rugs, sheets, towels, small appliances.

Join the Circle of Good

How Businesses and Good360 support Disaster Recovery

Product Donations

  • Support disaster recovery at any scale (from cartons to hundreds of truckloads)
  • Receive tax receipts and an annual giving summary for all product donations
  • Receive donation impact stories

Financial Donations

  • Employee giving & company matching for disaster recovery
  • For every $1 received, Good360 can distribute at least $20 in needed goods

Employee Engagement

  • Corporate volunteer programs
  • Packing events

Please contact us for more information on how your organisation can help.

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