Transforming Disaster Recovery

Good360 helps the right goods get to the right people at the right time during all stages of a disaster, providing hope and dignity to those adversely impacted.

Our approach to Australian bushfire relief is strategic and sustainable. We use a coordinated and collaborative approach, working with all organisations – large and small – to deliver what’s needed at each stage of disaster recovery. Our goal is long term sustainable recovery for people and communities.

Good360 is a matchmaker. We connect brand-new goods of businesses with the Australians and communities who need them. 

We’ll be there in the early days with personal care items, supplies for shelters and evacuation centres and cleaning/mucking out products and we’ll be there long after the media spotlight has dimmed months and years later with furniture, mattresses, home goods and other necessities to help impacted communities through the recovery journey.

  • Good360 USA has lead the way in sustainable disaster recovery for 35 years. They estimate that in the USA:
  • Up to 60% of goods donated during times of disaster end up in landfill or otherwise going to waste.
  • A lack of coordinated communication and well-intentioned (but uninformed) giving can create chaos, inefficiencies and waste.
  • 70% of donations occur within the first two months after a disaster.
  • A lack of sustained giving impedes the long-term recovery of impacted communities.

This is why Good360 focuses on a six stage disaster recovery framework for giving funds, goods and volunteer time during disasters: preparedness, response, recover, rebuild, refurnish and relive. Learn more about our resilient response framework here.

See below for detail on how to support the Australian bushfire disaster by donating funds, pledging goods and/or requesting support for your affected community.​

The lifecycle of a disaster is a marathon, not a sprint and we have divided it into six stages so businesses and everyday Australians can play a role to assist sustainably and not all rush out to help in the response stage which is the natural reaction, but is also often the most problematic.

Why should businesses partner with Good360?

Good360 takes a holistic approach to disaster recovery, starting with the impacted communities’ immediate needs (even during the evacuation stage) and committing to being there for the long-term, always focused on delivering the right goods to the right people at the right time.

Good360 are currently seeking pledges from businesses who want to support bushfire affected communities. This could be by donating brand new product (see goods we don’t take) or making a financial donation to help us get these crucial goods to the people who need them. 

Make a commitment to Good360 today to provide specific goods at the time when they are most needed to give maximum impact. 

Simply contact us here to make a pledge outlining the types of goods or support you could provide and once we match these with a community we will be in touch.

Businesses who have pledged to support Good360's bushfire recovery

Support Good360’s Australian bushfire disaster recovery campaign

Good360's network of over 1600 Not for Profits plotted against the communities affected by the bushfires

Please tell us what goods you need for your bushfire-affected community by taking this 2-minute survey

Request help for your community

Are you involved in disaster recovery work for your community? By working with Good360, you can communicate your community’s needs as they change over time throughout the disaster recovery process. From first response and cleanup through to rebuild and recovery.

Record your immediate and long term product needs with Good360 and we will work with our corporate partners to source them. We can also time the delivery to ensure you get the goods when you need them – even if that means storing them on your behalf.

Good360 works with small and large organisations and disadvantaged schools, Australia-wide. Membership is free and grants you access to goods from some of Australia’s leading brands. 

If you are an ACNC registered Not for Profit or a school with an ICSEA ranking below 1000, then sign up for Good360 membership here. Please select ‘Disaster recovery – Bushfire’ from the ‘How did you hear about us?’ dropdown menu and a member of our team will reach out to discuss your needs. 

If you do not meet our existing membership criteria but are currently acting as a disaster recovery resource in your community then we can still assist – please contact us here with details of your work and your product needs and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Previous Campaigns

Over the last year Good360 has collaborated with businesses and Not for Profits to deliver goods to rural farming communities across Queensland and NSW that have been doing it tough with floods and drought. 

There are many stages in the lifecycle of a disaster – the last one being the long-term return to everyday life. With the expense, trauma and disruption that comes from dealing with a disaster, many families need assistance with items that help them in the comfort of everyday life for a long period after the first responders have left and rebuild has occurred. 

Good360 is there to provide relief during these times with everyday items like school supplies, work and school clothes, toys, crockery, games and shoes as well as special items like Christmas and birthday presents.

Drought Disaster Recovery collaboration with Goodman, DHL & Rural Aid

Good360 partnered with Goodman Foundation and DHL to donate and deliver over $1 million of household goods, clothing and toys, to those communities affected by the severe drought in rural Australia. 2018

Drought Disaster Recovery collaboration with RAS Foundation and Royal Agricultural Society NSW

Good360 are very proud of our collaboration with RAS Foundation and Royal Agricultural Society NSW to help rural communities doing it tough with the drought. 2019

Flood Disaster Recovery collaboration with Drought Angels & DHL

Good360 and DHL partnered to deliver over $600,000 worth of brand new goods including clothing, shoes, toys, nappies and kitchenware to Drought Angels in Queensland to support communities affected by flood.

Our network of members across Australia