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We want to make sure you can create the biggest impact in your community so here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your FREE Good360 membership.

As a member of Good360 you will be able to

Make better use of your available funds

By accessing products through us, you will be able to stretch your funding to better serve your cause and reduce the need in your community!

Get the goods you need, when you need them

Through our 24-hour online catalogue, you get access to donated goods like nappies and toiletries, school supplies, clothing, cleaning items, data and computers and so much more.

Have access to the Right Amount of Goods

We provide goods in quantities to suit any size organisation or situation. That is, by the carton, the pallet or the truckload, depending on your needs.

Enjoy our FREE Membership

Join 3,500 other Australian charities and disadvantaged schools in accessing brand-new, surplus goods for FREE, only paying a small handling and shipping fee.

Tips on getting started

When you first join Good360 placing your first order can feel a little overwhelming.

See our video guide on navigating our catalogue as well as how to place an order and any other handy tips and tricks.