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Every $5 donated can deliver $100 of brand new goods to a person affected by disaster

An ongoing global pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has lurched people into a state of ongoing uncertainty creating a new vulnerable community.  People who would not normally ask for assistance are now jobless, struggling to support themselves and their families.

Australia has endured two years of COVID stress and there is no immediate end in sight. At the peak of demand in 2021 Good360 were matching 39 brand new items a minute to people in need Australia wide. We know more than ever our members and your communities are facing challenging times and we stand with you. As such, we will continue to work with our member charities, eligible schools and generous product donors to get the right goods to the right people when they are needed the most.

Good360 is a matchmaker, connecting brand-new goods donated by businesses to people and communities who need them the most.

Disaster response doesn’t end when
the disaster is over

Efforts we are currently assisting with

Items urgently needed by COVID-19 affected communities

Since March 2020, Good360 has connected 14,095,991 requested
items to COVID-19 affected communities. Total value $114.92M (RRP)

Good360 COVID-19 impact @28.02.2023

Good360 getting the right goods to the right people at the right time.


Are you a business ready to donate critically needed goods to communities affected by disaster? Contact the Good360 Business Development team to learn more.


Are you a Not for Profit or school who is helping communities affected by COVID-19? Contact Good360 Giving Team to learn if you qualify for Good360 COVID Disaster support.


Are you a business ready to provide financial support to help communities affected by COVID-19? Contact Good360 Fundraising & Partnership Team to learn more.

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