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Our story

In Australia, we have charities connecting food to people in need, but where do all the other good things go?

In 2012, our founder Alison Covington discovered Good360USA had been operating in the USA and was amazed by the scale and efficiency.  Over 35 years Good360USA, has distributed USD$9billion of brand new non-perishable goods to 80,000 Not for Profits thanks to 400+ corporate partners including Walmart, HP, GAP, 3M, NIKE & The Home Depot. Alison immediately knew that Australia needed Good360!

Our goal is to distribute

$1 billion of goods by 2025

to Australians that need them most

Good360 history

Our story

Alison Covington – Founder & Managing Director, Alison Covington started developing Good360 in 2012 because she thought it was a game changer and obvious that if there are spare brand new goods of business, we should share them with Australians who need them most.

Inspired by Grace Wallis the daughter of her life long friend Susan, Alison set herself the target to gift $1bn of goods to Australians who need them most.

Many amazing, passionate people and businesses have generously provided skills, time, funds, goods and support and we humbly thank them for their kindness.

Alison believes that we can create change by creating a simple solution –  a solution where businesses have the opportunity to donate their spare and excess goods to lift up Australians – whether it’s toys to a family violence shelter or note books for a school we are the matchmaker for good.

Our core values


We bring kindness to every interaction. 'Tempering every interaction with kindness allows people and possibilities to flourish’.


We build open and honest relationships through communication. ‘Building trusting relationships makes us more productive and effective’.


We collaborate - not replicate. ‘We know that the sum is greater than the parts, we share knowledge, collaborate and support other NFPs to maximise collective impact'.


We embrace and drive change. 'We believe in making positive impact on people and the planet, and it starts with ourselves’.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Good360 work towards creating real change and making these goals through our work as a matchmaker. Good360 focus on the below 6 goals to create real impact within Australia.

Distribute $1 billion of goods to Australians who need it most by 2025.

Provide support to Australian schools with an ICSEA ranking below 1,000.

Match $1 billion of brand new goods to create equality and opportunities.

Partner with businesses and retailers to connect brand-new surplus goods to Australians in need.

Work to re-direct surplus and end-of-season stock to Australians in need and improve logistics to reduce carbon emissions.

Collaborate not replicate. Work with Not for Profits & schools to amplify the impact of all parties.

Where do all the good things go?

Read the stories of individuals, families and communities whose lives have been impacted through the tireless dedication and kindness of our network of over 3,000 Not for Profit and schools.

Our network of members across Australia