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When our Founder, Alison Covington discovered Good360 in the USA she was amazed by the scale, innovation and efficiency of the charity –  AUD$12billion of goods including: clothes, toys, school/office supplies, personal care and household goods from America’s top brands including Home Depot, Walmart & HP to 40,000 charities in the US.

In Australia we had charities connecting food to people in need, but where did all the other good things go? We needed Good360 in Australia as a way for businesses to connect their BRAND NEW unsold goods with charities to help Australians in need.

Each year 2 million Australians, or 1 in 10, seek food relief – around half of them children. According to the Australian Council of Social Service, 2.2 million Australians are currently estimated to be living in poverty including 12% of Australian children.

Since 1983, Good360 have connected goods to charities in the USA. In Australia, we have been rescuing food for over 20 years, but we hadn’t created a seamless solution for businesses to donate large volumes of new goods to charities.

If you solve this problem by making it easy, you disrupt a market, change behavior and create solutions.

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Now that Alison had this knowledge she decided she needed to act or it might be another 30 years before we changed the outcomes of the 2.2 million Australians living in poverty. It didn’t seem logical to keep feeding people and not meeting their other needs (clothes, blankets, personal care & household goods). How would outcomes change?

Building a charity doesn’t happen overnight or without support. Jobs were quit and corporate careers were put on hold for ‘the greater good’. A dedicated bunch decided that they were prepared to work (volunteer) 24/7 or 360 (days per year) to prove we could get this off the ground.

We garnered support from more partners, funders and volunteers who wanted to be part of the #circleofgood

In 2015, we launched Good360 Australia’s website with big goals – we want to deliver $1billion of goods to Australians in need. 

We also secured funding for a core team of paid staff, a big win! We continue to fundraise to scale our operation to support our goals – there are costs associated with running a charity and delivering goods to Australians in need. We are like every business, we have overheads, we invest in technology, people and systems.

We consider ourselves to be innovative, efficient and we collaborate – never replicate.

We are a Not for Profit with DGR (item 1), by donating cash, product or time you can become an agent for good and help us achieve our $1billion goal.

Based in Sydney, our team works with businesses and charities nationally to #makegoodhappen.

If you want to contribute to our goals, please reach out: contact@good360.org.au

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