Goods for the greater good during disaster

We match the right goods to the right people at the right time during times of disaster. Not for Profits, schools and community groups tell us what goods they need and when, businesses pledge the brand new products and Good360 connects them together to create sustainable impact.

For product going to disaster-affected communities including COVID-19 there are no Shipping & Handling fees.

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Good360 is a matchmaker

Good360 is a matchmaker, helping repurpose items of value by directing them to the Australians who need them most.  We bring together the people working to lift up Australian communities, and the spare new goods of businesses. We connect surplus with need.

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We’re a Not for Profit helping other Not for Profits and eligible schools, save time and money, by getting brand new goods they need for their programs.

Give the goods

Our platform for product matching allows companies Australia wide to share what they no longer need or have too much of. Whether it's toys to a domestic violence shelter or notebooks for a mental health program – if Australians have the need, our business partners have the goods.

Get the goods you need

Not for Profits and schools register for free Good360 membership and then order the goods they need from our website. Best of all: because it's spare stock, members just pay a small shipping and handling cost.

Convenient delivery

Easy delivery options means members can collect their order from our warehouse, or have it delivered direct to their door, or pickup at participating retail stores.

Direct to Australians in need

One person's extra is another person's essential. That's why our goal is for nothing useful to lie unused. Yesterday's products are given a second life helping restore dignity and hope to those in need.

Want to help out but don’t know how?

Like any Not for Profit, Good360 relies heavily on the generosity of donors. Your donation can directly help restore hope and dignity for men, women and children going through a difficult time. 

Every $1 donated delivers two brand new items to Australians in need.

6 makeup packs

to women in need

A new wardrobe

for a family of four

200 new toys

for Australian children

1,000 items

to rural drought affected communities

Get involved

Are you a business that has spare goods to give? Or a Not for Profit or an eligible school that needs brand new goods to help your community? Do you care about a particular cause area?

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Got too much of a good thing?

Good360 provides businesses with a one-stop solution for your surplus inventory. Our network includes over 2,500 Not for Profits and schools directing the goods to Australians who need it most.  Our team can organise product donations from anywhere in Australia and will get your goods into the hands of men, women and children doing it tough.

Why join Good360?

Good360 will save Not for Profits and schools time and money and you can select the goods you need. This means that your scare resources can be redirected back into running successful programs to have even greater impact where it matters most. We work with over 100 businesses Australia wide who donate brand new goods, so whatever your goal we have the reach to help you get there.

Help make good

Like any Not for Profit, Good360 relies heavily on the generosity of donors – of both time and money. Your donation can directly help restore hope and dignity for men, women and children going through a difficult time. Volunteer as a corporate team or individual.

We partner with the best

Generous business partners are the corner-stone of Good360. Their donations provide hope and help transform the lives of people effected by homelessness, youth at risk, women and children escaping domestic violence, the elderly, refugees and many others across Australia.

Where do all the good things go?

Read the stories of individuals, families and communities whose lives have been impacted through the tireless dedication and kindness of our network of over 2,500 Not for Profit and schools.