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Help Good360 assist
communities impacted
by Floods

Every $5 donated helps us deliver $100 of new
goods to people affected by floods in Australia

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A proven track record in Disaster Recovery

Since March 2020, Good360 has connected over 15 million items to disaster affected Australians. This includes more than 596,000 requested goods (valued at $8.05M RRP) specifically to flood affected communities in New South Wales and Queensland since February 2022.

We have a network of 1,368, charity and disadvantaged school members currently in flood impacted areas, who are ready to connect goods to locals in their community who have lost everything.

Good360 is a matchmaker, connecting brand-new goods donated by businesses to people and communities who need them the most. Good360 matches the right goods, to the right people, at the right time through all stages of disaster recovery, to help local communities recover and rebuild, providing hope and dignity.

Good360 is a matchmaker

One person’s extra is another person’s essential. That’s why our goal is for nothing useful to lie unused. Good360 is a matchmaker, helping repurpose things of value by directing them to the Australians who need them most. We bring together the people working to lift up Australian communities, and the spare goods of businesses. We connect surplus with need.

We’re a non-profit helping other non-profits to stretch their budgets. Our platform for product gifting allows companies to share what they no longer need, or have too much of. Whether it’s toys to a family violence shelter or note books for a mental health program — if Australians have the need, our business partners have the goods. Best of all: because it’s spare stock, our members just pay the tiny shipping costs.

That’s goods for the greater good

But what does that mean in real terms?


Worth of goods donated by businesses (RRP value)


New items connected
to people in need


Non-profits and
schools supported

Impact created to 30 May 2022

Good360: matching surplus with need


Helping other Not for Profits & disadvantaged schools save time and budget by getting brand new goods they need for their programs.

Direct to Australians in need

Products matched help restore dignity and hope to people in need.

Convenient delivery

Members can pick up their order from a warehouse or have it delivered to their door.

Give the goods

Companies Australia wide share what they no longer need or have too much of.

Get the goods you need

Not for Profits and disadvantaged schools register for a free Good360 membership & then order goods they need.

24/7 online access

Members choose the brand new goods they need for their community.

We partner with the best

Generous business partners are the corner-stone of Good360. Their donations provide hope and help transform the lives of people effected by homelessness, youth at risk, women and children escaping domestic violence, the elderly, refugees and many others across Australia.

Where do all the good things go?

Good360 Australia has thousands of stories, that demonstrate the impact receiving NEW GOODS HAS TO CHANGE LIVES!

We invite you to read the stories of individuals, families and communities whose lives have been impacted through the tireless dedication and kindness of our network of over 3,000 Not for Profits and schools, and the generosity of the businesses who donated these goods.