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Help kids be kids with back to school essentials

Good360 connects items in four areas of impact: Education, Home, Hygiene and Play.

Education is transformative for many, opening doors to opportunities and creating active and informed citizens. Good360 Australia is on a mission to provide education tools for Australians of all ages to improve learning outcomes and bridge education inequality.

Everyone deserves an education

At Good360, we are working with our network of product donors and 4,000 charity and disadvantaged school members to connect not only young students but Australians of all ages, with the tools required for a quality education.

Research shows that disparities in tertiary education access and outcomes stem from socioeconomic status or geographic location. Socio-economic disadvantage is consistently associated with lower academic outcomes, translating into a lack of confidence and informed citizenship into adulthood.

Australian students facing lower socioeconomic disadvantage often experience material deprivation, a lack of items young people deem as essential in education such as a computer, stationery and books, money to afford classes or school activities, or a safe place to study or do homework.

Is the system setting vulnerable students up to fail?

Amidst constant changes in technology, a cost-of-living crisis and known labour shortages in the Australian market, it’s never been more important to empower our youth, and students of all ages, to realise their full academic potential. Alarmingly, up to half of students from disadvantaged backgrounds are not acquiring the essential skills required to become successful lifelong learners and active, informed citizens. This “achievement gap” persists across all facets of education, spanning various developmental stages.

For some families, the financial barriers associated with purchasing uniforms and other equipment, as well as transportation expenses, render participation in extracurricular activities unfeasible, further excluding children who are already at a disadvantage. 

Additionally, lacking access to a computer outside of school is a reality for a significant portion of students, with two in five Year 6 pupils and a quarter of Year 10 students affected. A survey conducted by The Smith Family in 2023 revealed that an overwhelming 87% of families expressed concerns regarding their ability to afford the necessities required for the school year. These challenges underscore the urgent need for comprehensive support mechanisms to ensure equitable educational opportunities and access to the tools essential for learning for all young Australians.

Our Education Partners