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Since launching, Good360 has been working with industry to ensure some of the $2.5 billion of brand-new household goods - including electronics, whitegoods, clothing, furniture, books and more – that is otherwise wasted or sent to landfill each year, gets into the hands of people that need it the most.

Many retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers are increasingly directing their strategy and investment towards sustainable and responsible growth. That is why we are inviting them to join Good360 Inner Circle, a structured pledge and recognition program, where they will have access to data and impact reporting on their community and environmental contributions.

– Alison Covington AM
Founder & Managing Director 

Helping you reach your sustainability goals

What is the Inner Circle?

Good360 Inner Circle is a structured pledge & recognition program designed to support businesses that demonstrate shared values and a strong commitment towards zero waste of usable goods and social impact as a way of doing business.

The Inner Circle program was co-designed with industry and retail partners to recognise where businesses are on their own sustainability journeys and help them to communicate with their staff, customers, and other stakeholders about their own contributions towards a collective impact of reducing both need and waste in Australian communities.

Participating businesses commit to working with Good360 in the below four key ways over a three-year period and in return, receive a badge of recognition, regular reporting and impact stories to help communicate their commitment and progress towards sustainability goals.

Donate goods or in-kind support as BAU

Donate cash and amplify your impact. Each $1 donated has a $20 impact

Volunteering staff and expertise

Share your impact with your customers, employees and stakeholders

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Inner Circle

The Good360 Inner Circle recognises Australian businesses who commit to creating sustainable & community outcomes by ensuring their surplus products have a first life

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