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Still the lucky country?

More needs to be done to ensure Australians enjoy a dignified life at home.

The ongoing housing and cost of living crisis is hitting Australians hard. Recent research by Good360 Australia reveals that nearly a quarter of Australians are concerned about the living situation of a friend or family member (23%) and 1 in 7 can’t afford ‘the essentials’ for living comfortably at home (14%). This means there are millions of Australians living without essentials such as adequate bedding, kitchen appliances, furniture and cooking utensils.

Our research also highlights that over a third of Australians (36%) are worried about the proportion of their family’s income going to housing costs (such as rent or mortgage payments).

This crisis is impacting all generations. Recent analysis shows there is not a single property across Australia affordable for someone on youth allowance and older women have been identified as the fastest-growing group of homeless people in the country. Meanwhile, 1 in 8 Australians, including 1 in 6 children, are living below the poverty line, with almost half of those living in poverty in NSW employed full-time.

Alan Kohler highlights that as the “cost of living crisis is all about housing, it’s probably permanent”, while experts describe a “system that is broken with policies that just aren’t working”. It’s clear that significant change is needed, however it’s going to take time and strong leadership from our governments and across society. 

Unfortunately, people who have been pushed into poverty by a system that is failing them don’t have time to wait and much more needs to be done now to help the increasing number of people in extreme disadvantage and desperate need.

One area that often gets overlooked is that people need more than just food and a roof over their head to lead a dignified life. Household items are also essential items.

For vulnerable Australians facing difficult circumstances such as fleeing domestic violence or displacement due to natural disasters, the prospect of creating a safe and comfortable home is even more daunting. With research from LJ Hooker revealing it costs a staggering $16,000 to furnish a new home, it becomes painfully clear that for people already in a vulnerable situation, creating a safe and dignified home can be nearly impossible to achieve.

In the face of these challenges, Good360 plays a vital role. We are a connector. We help alleviate the financial burden on Australians struggling and provide them with essential items for a dignified life by redistributing surplus goods from leading retailers to people in need via a network of over 4,000 charities and disadvantaged schools. Since 2015 we have helped put more than 40 million items in the hands of four million Australians in their time of need.

With so many people struggling in Australia right now, we can and must do better. We know that billions of dollars’ worth of unsold household goods unnecessarily head for waste each year. We also know that for every $1 donated to Good360, we can redirect $20 of essential household goods to people in need, in a sustainable and non-inflationary way.

While Good360 welcomes the recent announcement from the Federal Government regarding changes to long-term funding and grant arrangements for supporting financially vulnerable people and communities, we await more details on eligibility and how this will work in practice.

While governments can and should do more, businesses also have a huge role to play, as well as a huge opportunity to do good by donating goods to charities like Good360. Not only can donating excess goods help people in need, there are also a number of sustainability and business benefits too. For example, donating excess stock can reduce waste, lower storage costs, free up space for new stock, improve staff morale, and help retain and attract the best talent. 

Good360 is on a mission to ensure every new product in Australia is sold or donated to people in need, rather than wasted. The more support and partners we have, the greater collective impact we can have in improving the lives of millions of Australians doing it tough.

We encourage everyone to join us on this journey. To find out more about how you can donate excess goods or help support Good360 click here.


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