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Deloitte Access Economics Report Launched

New research shows $2.5 billion worth of brand-new household goods end up wasted each year in Australian supply chains – whilst $400 million of Government funding is spent by charities buying the same goods

Media Release
22 March 2022, Sydney, Australia

A new report by Deloitte Access Economics has for the first time calculated the quantum of wasted goods that never have a ‘first life’.  It is a tiny percentage of the overall supply chain, but it is a huge number at $2.5 billion per year.

Deloitte Access Economics reveal $2.5 billion pa of brand-new household items such electrical goods, clothing, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, toys and scholastic supplies are either unsold, end-of-the-line or surplus stock ending up in waste.

The opportunity to provide first life to household goods is significant but does not currently attract the effort and/or funding placed on recycling and upcycling similar products.

Charity Good360, is addressing this issue by creating a ‘circular economy’ for unsold household goods.  Using ecommerce technologies Good360 efficiently matches new unsold household goods from retailers and brands and supplies them to a large network of not-for-profit organisations Australia wide.

Since 2015, Good360 has connected 27 million items of new household goods to over 3,000 charities and disadvantaged schools, including many small local community organisations.  But, this is just a drop in the ocean compared to what could be done.

While  unused new household goods go to waste, $400 million of Government funding is spent each year by charities to purchase the same goods. 

Despite many years of trying, Good360 has only received minimal Government funding support, making it very difficult to scale operations for the greater benefit for  all.

Alison Covington, Founder and Managing Director of Good360 said there are approximately 56,000 ACNC registered Australian charities and 4,000 disadvantaged schools that these unused goods could be directly helping.

“This report makes it very clear that the amount of unsold household goods wasted each year is huge.  We also know that the demand for these goods by charities and schools supporting their local communities is huge.  Good360 provides the solution, we connect surplus with need – our goal is for nothing useful to lie unused.

Our approach is very strategic, matching the right goods to the right people when they are needed most, this is especially important during all stages of disaster recovery. With the current flood disaster in NSW and Queensland, Good360 has matched over 120,000 requested essential goods, valued at over $2 million to 49 local charities and schools in flood affected communities.   Charities and schools order the goods they need from our website, so there is no waste – we are fast and efficient.  We could be redirecting this $2.5 billion worth of unsold goods to help Australians who need it most.” said Alison

“Good360 is generously supported by hundreds of amazing Australian businesses who are working hard to improve the environment and social outcomes of their supply chains.  Currently they are  donating more than $75 million pa of unsold household goods to help people in need – but as the Deloitte Access Economics report has shown there is opportunity to do so much more.”

“Our current business partners have a strong sustainability and social focus, their supply chains are efficient, however this report demonstrates that even a small percentage of waste equates to a huge total of $2.5 billion per year. Good360 has the ability to scale, we are an efficient charity with every $1 of funding donated we can match $20 of essential household goods to a person in need.”

“We are hoping the Deloitte Access Economics report will show the Federal Government the benefits of funding to scale our model to reach more communities. There are currently so many people needing help – it just makes sense that we redirect these unsold goods to assist Aussies doing it tough.  Good360 is good for people, business and the planet.”

About Good360:

  • Good360 was established in 2015
  • To date, Good360 has collected over $240 million worth of brand-new goods from Australian businesses
  • Over 27 million brand new items have been connected to charities and schools in need
  • All of this has been achieved with a small and dynamic team of 30.


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