Volunteer Profile – Esra Casas

When did you commence with Good360?

8th January 2018

What is your role at Good360?

I’m part of the Marketing and Communications team. I have different tasks, like a building a sample storage, updating the database for the charities etc.

Where do you call home?

The home is where you are happy the most so Sydney is my home.

Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I am originally from Istanbul in Turkey. I got married in August 2017 and migrated to Sydney at the beginning of November last year.  I studied European Union Studies at Istanbul University and Economics at Anatolian University.

What roles/jobs have you undertaken and for what organisations/industries?

Before university, I worked as Computer Technician for a while and attended to the Microsoft System Engineering Program. Working in an international company and speak foreign language at my job were my childhood dream and my life evolved to that direction during uni. After graduating, I started my career in a very well-known trading company in Turkey and then continued with German origin trading company in the steel sector and worked there almost 15 years as an Export and Import Operations Manager in the company. Besides working, I was individually organising charity events. Thanks to my beautiful and socially sensitive circle I was able to help to economically disadvantaged families, many young people who need scholarships, the children with health problems such as Epidermolysis Bullosa. I also established with my couple of friends a sewing atelier for the women who needed job and supported the production and sold the goods of a group of village women to provide them income.

What are your passions? What are your interests?What do you consider your main achievements in life so far?

I love painting, photography, listening music, especially jazz, dancing, singing and reading which also are common passions with my husband. I was an active member of a photography and a reading club in Istanbul and hope that I can be a part of such groups in Sydney too.

I am very excited and happy to be part of such an amazing organisation. I am looking forward to more collaboration with G360.


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