Promotional Products – the Ninjas of Brand Marketing

Promotional Products – the Ninjas of Brand Marketing

Article written by Lee Hanrahan, Director of Sales & Procurement, Red Energy Promotions. 

Our clients are always asking us, ‘how do we cut through the clutter to reach our clients?’ The rapid growth of the internet has fragmented traditional advertising, making it tougher and tougher to get your message heard amongst the thousands of images we are all delivered each day.

Promotional products have that old school touch and feel that makes people smile, engaging them and proving that tactile connection is lacking in so many of today’s marketing messages. Promotional products really are long lasting brand messengers. They are the ninja brand warriors that become engrained in people’s lives. From branded uniforms and promotional products to merchandise and signage, Red Energy Promotions have been helping our clients’ brands connect with people on a personal level since 2004 across Australia, and now in New Zealand.

Here are some tips to help you in your search for a reputable promotional products company;

  • Is the company an APPA Member (Australasian Promotional Products Association)? This is the only professional trade association specifically for the promotional products industry.
  • Does the company have a Corporate Social Responsibility policy? CSR objectives are extremely important for how a company interacts with staff, suppliers, the environment and the community.
  • Does the company have an Ethical Sourcing Policy? This normally ensures that all products, whether manufactured locally or offshore are provided under an ethical structure – fair work standards, fair labour, occupational health and safety standards etc.
  • Does the company have a proven track record? For example customer testimonials, years in business and are they a proven industry leader?

Promotional products are our passion. As well as being good at what you do, you’ve got to present well and that’s where we come in – to help get your branding right. Talk to us and discover how powerful your branding can be.

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