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Member of the Month – Borderline Australia

Congratulations to our Member of the Month for December, Borderline Australia! Borderline Australia supports young Australians to better their mental health with free camps and programs. Since joining Good360 in 2021, Borderline Australia has utilised a range of brand-new products to provide their clients with valuable experiences, allowing them to allocate their budget to developing more life-changing programs. Read about Borderline Australia’s work below and a special message from its Founder & CEO, Cody Schaeffer.

When did Borderline Australia join Good360?
We joined Good360 in 2021!

What programs do you use your Good360 donations for? Who does the program serve? How does it impact Australians in need?
We use Good360 donations to support the many young people who come along to our free youth mental health camps & programs. Mental Health is something so important for all Aussies especially our young people and to create the life changing & saving camps/programs we do comes with support from the community. It makes such a difference to so many people because it allows us to save money to spend on more youth mental health programs!

What is your favourite moment/interaction that you have had with a client when utilising the Good360 product?
We are very lucky to see the impact these donations make quite often at each of our camps and programs. We live by the belief that “It’s the small details that make a difference”… it could be a free beauty product on a teenager’s bed when they arrive at camp, or some LEGO! – It always makes these young people smile because they can see that people actually care about them! Big moment for us was our first camp and seeing everyone rock our amazing branded T-Shirts which were donated by Gildan and our first ever Good360 order!

How does Good360 help your mission?
We believe in community supporting community and that is exactly what this is. Good360 assists us with products that would usually cost a fortune for a small charity like ours. It helps us save money so we can spend it on more programs & support for these young people.

What would happen if Good360 wasn’t here to help?
We would not be able to provide as much to these young people as we do with Good360’s support. It would mean our costs would go up & less programs (I’m not even being dramatic, Good360 really helps with vital products).

What is your favourite donation you have received from Good360? Why?
100% the t-shirts! It’s one of our biggest expenses for the entire year and it not just saved us a lot of money but also gave a huge smile to all the teens & volunteers involved!

How many lives have you impacted through Good360’s donations?
We’re looking at over 1000 lives impacted through Good360’s donations and that is growing rapidly!

A special message from Borderline Australia’s Founder/CEO, Cody Schaeffer:

“We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Good360 for their unwavering support, as their product donations have played a pivotal role in furthering our mission here at Borderline Australia. The impact of their generosity reaches far and wide, touching the lives of those we serve in ways that wouldn’t be possible without their contributions.

Good360’s product donations go a long way in supporting our initiatives aimed at helping individuals, especially young people, who are grappling with mental health challenges. The diverse range of goods we receive not only meets basic needs but also enhances the quality of support we can provide to those in need.

These donations have been instrumental in the success of our programs, whether it’s ensuring access to essential resources, creating engaging and supportive environments, or facilitating educational and recreational activities for young individuals facing mental health struggles. Good360’s commitment to making a positive impact aligns seamlessly with our vision, and we are truly grateful for the meaningful partnership we’ve built together.

The ripple effect of Good360’s contributions extends beyond the immediate recipients, reaching entire communities and fostering a sense of hope and resilience. Together, we are making a difference. Thank you, Good360, for standing alongside us and being a crucial part of our efforts to create a brighter and more supportive future for those we serve at Borderline Australia.”

To learn more about Borderline Australia, check out their website or Facebook and Instagram pages, or read their touching impact stories.


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