Illawarra Innovation Quest Winners to Address COVID-19 Economic Challenges

published by University of Wollongong Australia March 22 2021 By Yogesh Bhatia

The University of Wollongong (UOW) has announced the winners of the second edition of the Illawarra Innovation Quest today (Monday 22 March 2021) at its Innovation Campus.

After receiving a positive response from businesses in the first edition of the challenge that addressed Health and Wellbeing challenges caused by COVID-19, the University announced three winners of the second edition of the challenge that will address the new economic challenges triggered by COVID-19.

The University held the pitch competition on Friday 12 March 2021 and three Illawarra businesses – Good360, BuiltQuick Constructions Systems and KLEU – were selected to participate in the Innovation Districts Challenges by the NSW Government. Successful participants will share in over $500,000 funding pool in each challenge round and bring innovative solutions into the market.

You can read the full story over at the University of Woolongong’s website.

Alison Covington Founder & Managing Director, Good360

Good360 is a charity and business matchmaking tool to get the right goods, to the right people at the right time. The company’s app aims to match surplus goods with local needs.

Website: https://good360.org.au

Ryan Mullaney Managing Director and Eunice Quintana-Smark, Marketing Manager, BuiltQuik Construction Systems

BuiltQuik Construction Systems’ patent protected technology of pre-certified and pre-engineered structural components allows cost savings to be realised by industry players of up to 35 per cent, while simultaneously de-risking the industry and builder liability.

Website: http://new.builtquik.com/

Linda Simonsen Founder and CEO, Kleu

KLEU Defence is an emotional fitness program for frontline workers. The company has developed a fully immersive digital experience, which replicates the real life coach frontline support employees need to handle the emotional labour component of their job roles.

Website: https://www.kleu.com.au/


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