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Good360 Shipping Fees Update

As a charity that serves other charitable organisations, Good360 always endeavours to make the ordering process as seamless as possible and to remove barriers, like fees, wherever possible.

However, unfortunately as a charity, the hard cost of covering shipping has become unsustainable moving forward and the hard decision has been made to turn shipping costs back on for orders shipped via StarTrack/ Australia Post.

To help you understand what changes have been made and how the various shipping methods may affect your orders please continue to read below.

Carton Shipping

Any products available for shipping by cartons from the Good360 ReDistribution Centre will be shipped via StarTrack (Australia Post). Shipping via this method incurs a hard cost. Good360 has been absorbing the cost of this since August, however unfortunately moving forward we are unable to continue doing so. By turning our shipping fees for cartons back on, we will be able to offer more of our products via carton allowing access to more products in smaller quantities.

The ordering process won’t change and you will see the shipping fees at checkout.

NB. If you are in the Pallet Partner Network or can Click & Collect, these options remain FREE.

Click & Collect

Most of our products (both carton and pallet SKUs) are available for Click & Collect from the Good360 ReDistribution Centre in Smithfield, NSW. We will include most products in our Click & Collect category, however, you can check if the the SKU is available for collection by adding to the cart to see if the C&C option appears as a shipping method. If C&C isn’t available or you get an error message, double check in the Click & Collect category as there may be a special C&C version of the product available for you to order.

Click & Collect is FREE and can be arranged either for you to schedule to collect yourself or arrange your courier (paid for by you) to collect on your behalf at your scheduled time.

Simply select Click & Collect at checkout. Once your order has been received by us, you will be contacted by a Good360 team member to schedule your collection. Note, that order processing takes three business days, your order can only be scheduled after this period.

Partner Pallet Network

Good360 is very lucky to have some wonderful freight partners including DHL, Northline, Cochranes, Centurion and TasFreight to deliver goods by pallet to select postcodes across Australia, either for free or at a reduced cost. If your shipping postcode falls within the areas our partner’s service on our behalf, you are considered part of Good360’s Pallet Partner Network. This means we can offer free, or reduced fee shipping of products by the pallet.

Simply order any pallet SKU, proceed to checkout and select Deliver to Door and you will notice the cost will reduce or zero out.

Outside of the Pallet Partner Network

You are still eligible to order most of our pallet SKUs even if you are currently outside of our Pallet Partner Network. However, these orders will be sent via StarTrack as large-volume carton orders and you will see the shipping cost at checkout. In some instances, it may be more cost-effective to arrange your own courier to Click & Collect this product.

Where a SKU is ineligible to be shipped by StarTrack due to the way it is packaged, you may still be able to order by contacting our Customer Success team to obtain a logistics partner shipping quote.

If you aren’t sure if your organisation could take a whole pallet of product this useful blog post and video might help break it down for you.


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