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Making Pallets more “Palletable”

At Good360 you may have noticed an increase in the number of goods we are offering by the pallet. This is due to both our incredible Partner Pallet Network, allowing us to offer certain areas free or discounted bulk shipping, as well as an overwhelming demand from members wanting to make big impact.

You do not have to order by the pallet, but many organisations aren’t aware of exactly how a pallet works and can feel overwhelmed by the idea of it. A pallet is not as daunting as you may think so here’s some FAQ to hopefully make the idea of ordering pallets from Good360 more “palletable”.

How big is a pallet?

A pallet SKU ordered from Good360’s ReDistribution centre will always be a standard Australian pallet size of 1.165m x 1.165m and our pallets are always 1.2m or less (including the pallet itself). This handy video may help you visualise what that looks like in reality.

Please note: these dimensions may differ for pallets shipped directly from our donor partners, please check the product descriptions for further details.

How are pallets sent/ delivered?

If you are receiving a pallet as part of the Partner Pallet Network, or via a quoted logistics provider, you will receive your delivery as a pallet. That is; cartons stacked and wrapped securely on a timber pallet.

Your delivery driver will deliver your pallet(s) via a truck with a tailgate. This allows the driver to unload the whole pallet onto the nearest hard flat surface. From there you may choose to use your own forklift or pallet jack to move. Alternatively, you may choose to hand unload the pallet from there. Grass is not an acceptable hard surface. Surfaces onto which pallets are unloaded must be concrete (eg. a driveway) or a similar type of material.

Please Note: For safety and operational reasons, the driver will not:

  • Drop a pallet onto the street,
  • Allow hand unloading directly from the truck itself
  • Hand unload for you from the truck if you cannot accept a pallet delivery.

It is also not the delivery driver’s responsibility to help you move your pallet from the unloading point into your storage facility.

Do I need a warehouse, forklift or pallet jack to order pallets?

No, you do not need a warehouse, forklift, or pallet jack to order pallets from Good360.

Warehouses: You simply need room to store the items you order.

Forklifts and pallet jacks: Our transport partners, in the Partner Pallet Network, deliver via a tailgate service. This means they will unload the pallet from where they park onto a flat surface nearby. You and your team can choose to hand-unload the pallet into your storage area from there.

Just ensure you have the capacity to store (and distribute in a timely manner) the number of boxes included in the pallet. Another consideration before placing any pallet order is whether a large delivery vehicle will be able to access your street/ building.

Any futile delivery charges, irrespective of whether you are not there to accept delivery or cannot accommodate the vehicle type based on your ordered volume will be charged back to you.

What do I do with the timber pallet afterwards?

If ordering a pallet of goods you must keep the pallet after delivery, ie. the delivery driver will not keep it or take it away with them.

Several different companies offer both free and fee-based collection of unwanted pallets. Some examples who operate nationally are PalleCo and Top Pallets. We also recommend Googling “where to swap or sell pallets near me” as there may be organisations willing to buy your unwanted pallets.

Your local council may also offer collection services or have an available recycling centre where you can take unwanted timber pallets. 

You can also try to donate them in to your community via Facebook Marketplace or notice boards. Many people like to use either the whole pallet or timber parts to make vertical gardens, furniture and the like. 

You can read all of our Delivery and Pallet FAQs in the Delivery section on our FAQ page here.
To watch other helpful videos from Good360 visit our Video Page.


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