Australian charity records 20% increase in donated unsold goods

Media Coverage
Ragtrader; September 8, 2023

New data released by Australian charity Good360 has recorded a 20% increase in the volume of unsold products received from businesses over the last 12 months.

This amounts to nearly $110 million worth of unsold stock in total, including clothes, homewares, appliances, toiletries and toys, with the charity delivering them via a network of over 3,700 charities and disadvantaged schools.

Every week, Good360 receives 5 skip bins worth of products.

Good360 also revealed demand for their services has increased as the cost of living crisis has worsened, with the charity now providing new unsold goods to 3,000 Australians in financial distress every day.

The increase in demand for support and unsold goods donated has coincided with 12 interest rate rises from the Reserve Bank and a decline in retail spending.

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