Charities are being overwhelmed by silent cost crisis: Good360

Media Coverage
Inside Retail; September 8, 2023

The nationwide impact of the rising cost of living has hit many parts of Australia. As recent ABS data shows, customers are almost universally shifting their spending habits, signalling difficult times for businesses and customers alike.

As a result, tonnes of products which would otherwise have been sold are being redirected to charities, or in other cases, landfill. 

Australian retail charity Good360 has seen a 20 per cent spike in donations received by retailers in the past year, founder and managing director Alison Covington confirmed to Inside Retail, with many businesses unable to sell products that had been stocked.

“What we know is that there’s more businesses out there that are, unfortunately, seeing soft sales conditions,” Covington said. 

“We’re getting five skip bins of product a day at the moment, which we can redirect to help around 3000 Australians.”

Check out the full article over at Inside Retail.

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