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Volunteer Profile – Alex

Alex is a keen traveller, loves to garden and has a French bulldog, he’s also a Good360 skilled volunteer.

Alex was introduced to Good360 by his former employer and decided to volunteer after seeing the huge scale of impact Good360 has on its network of charities and disadvantaged schools.

Alex has been volunteering at Good360 for 5 months and as a skilled volunteer has done work across multiple teams and contributed to positive outcomes at Good360. He brings a smile and professionalism to his work and we are so pleased to have him as part of our team.

Recently we interviewed Alex to learn more about his volunteering journey, here is what he had to say.

When did you commence volunteering with Good360?

I commenced volunteering in March 2021, but I first had the opportunity to volunteer through my former employer in 2018.

How long have you been volunteering with Good360?

I first found out about Good360 through my former employer, LEGO Australia. We had a couple of days each year we could choose to volunteer with a charity, and Good360 was one of those I chose. I have now been volunteering at Good360 for 5 months.

Tell us a bit more about yourself!

I’ve been living in Australia since 2006, having previously been living in the UK. I grew up mostly in the UK, but spent some time in Canada. When I arrived, I was initially living in Melbourne on a Working Holiday Visa and got to tour most of the country including experiencing fruit picking in Far North Queensland. I found the experience to be life changing!

I then had a chance to live in Tokyo for a couple months before returning to Australia and securing my residency. I moved to Sydney, where I live with my partner and French Bulldog in Kirribilli. Sydney feels like home away from home, as I’m fortunate to have family living up on the Mid North Coast, as well as in Sydney, so get to spend time with them on road trips away.

What motivated you to volunteer at Good360?

Good360’s purpose, impact and scale were all motivating factors.

Being able to support not just 1 or 2 charities or causes I’m passionate about, instead supporting up to 2,800+ Not For Profits all in one go is truly unique and a definite motivator. The scale that Good360 offers, and the vast diversity of causes they can support across Australia was a motivator, but also the positive impact they can make to the planet. Even with the best forecasting in place, there are moments in business when errors occur, so being able to utilise those excess items for those in need ensures nothing gets wasted, and every item can be put to use.

Do you feel skills from your career helped you during your volunteering time at Good360?

Yes, and there’s probably more I can share and offer when the opportunity arises.

Do you feel you have been able to contribute to Good360’s vision of distributing $1Billion of goods to people in need by 2025?

Absolutely! Seeing the numerous and generous donations from Good360 current network of retail and supplier partners flow through the ReDistribution Centre and helping the team manage to process all of these goods, I feel I’ve helped make some kind of contribution towards the goal and hope to continue to be able to support Good360 into the future.

What roles/jobs have you undertaken and when working at Good360?

Initially I was helping to pack Empower Packs, sorting through clothing & book donations from retailers to prepare for members to order. I’ve also got to help the Customer Service Team with Impact Stories and some administration tasks. The latest tasks I’ve been working on packing orders for PPE & hand sanitiser as part of the COVID-19 Disaster Relief Campaign, plus doing some tasks to improve the look and feel of the new office spaces, so it’s been very varied which is part of the appeal. 

What are your passions? What are your interests?

I’m a keen baker and enjoy cooking up a good Chocolate Cake or Banana Bread when I have the time. I also love gardening but there is only so much you can grow in an apartment in the city, so can’t wait to find a bigger place one day. Our French Bulldog keeps myself and my partner busy when we are not working, and love to take him for a walk-through Wendy Whitley’s Secret Garden near where we live, or to the beach for a dip in the water.

Before COVID-19 travel and photography were big passions, my last adventure was to Paris, and I can’t wait to return when we are all able to do so one day, until then Australia has been our touring ground, having had great trips to the Blue Mountains & Hunter Valley when it’s been possible.

What do you consider your favourite moments while working with Good360?

Working on the Impact Stories was a great moment, as I really got to see what the donations Good360 receives truly means to the end recipients. Sometimes what might be considered a simple item or donation can really make a big impact for those in the community in need.

Would you recommend volunteering at Good360 to others? If yes, why?

For sure! I’ve said to many people how great it is, and how easy it was to sign up, the whole process of signing up, booking a time, and the induction process was quick and straightforward, which really made the difference in feeling like I could help and add value. I would recommend anyone to give it a go!

If you would like to volunteer, visit our donate your time page and we look forward to welcoming you to our ReDistribution Centre in Smithfiled, NSW.


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