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Good360 x RX Global: Retailers and Sustainability in 2022

This year, Good360 was given the opportunity to become the 2022 Charity Partner for RX Global and their brands Reed Gift Fairs, Life InStyle, and Online Retailer. RX Global hosts trade shows for over 1,500 exhibitors and 54,200 retailer attendees across the three brands, and we were grateful to be exposed to potential donors and partners that could contribute to Good360’s mission.

The 2022 events kicked off with our Founder & Managing Director, Alison Covington AM speaking at Reed Gift Fairs in Sydney back in April. Reed Gift Fairs, Australia’s largest retail trade show, had partnered with Good360 this year as a joint effort in raising awareness to provide aid for the retail community.

The nation saw one of the most devastating periods in recent years – from bushfires, floods and the recurring waves of COVID-19. Many lives were impacted, including small businesses who struggled to keep afloat.

“In the past two years, we’ve seen how the recent events have gravely affected our customers and retailers. Not only on a business level where some were unfortunately forced to close their doors, but also on a personal level where families have lost their homes,” said Cory McCarrick, Event Director of Reed Gift Fairs.

With their wide reach within the retail industry – connecting thousands of retailers and suppliers at their Sydney and Melbourne events – Reed Gift Fairs actively promoted Good360’s mission on their various channels, encouraging the community to donate spare brand-new goods to help those in need. “Hundreds of our exhibitors offer a range of different products from homewares, clothing, gifts and other items that can be especially useful in challenging times,” said McCarrick, “It’s important to spread the word on how we can all contribute to helping our retail community recover while also reducing waste.”

Sustainability is part of their core as a business, which plays a large factor in choosing Good360 as a charity partner. “We’re glad to have partnered with Good360,” said McCarrick, “it allows us to give back to our customers and retailers in a way that matters the most.”

Here, Alison spoke on why “it’s cool to be kind”, touching on Good360’s purpose and why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should be a priority for businesses, and how Good360 can help them achieve this by providing an opportunity to facilitate donations to communities in need. Alison also spoke about our campaigns with businesses including BIG W, Storage King, and 4 Pines Brewery, and how these collaborations have been able to enact change. Alison said about the event, “The opportunity to speak at RX Global gave Good360 amazing exposure to Australian retailers wanting to play their role in corporate social responsibility. We appreciate RX Global for having Good360 as their 2022 Charity Partner, and featuring us front and centre as a solution for businesses to act with purpose to help people and planet.”

In July, three members of the team, Digital Marketing & Communications Manager Letitia, Head of Corporate Partnerships Kate, and Social Media & Content Coordinator Chantelle were able to attend the Online Retailer Conference & Expo in Sydney. OR is the number one destination for the eCommerce industry to access insights, solutions, technologies, and connections to make a positive impact on businesses. Here, the team were able to learn about the innovations of retailers post COVID-19, with this event being the first one held since 2019.

Sustainability played a huge role at this year’s event, with the two days containing a heavy focus on how retailers can play their role and prioritise sustainability in their business practices. Attendees also had the opportunity to learn about how businesses including Lewisham Skincare, Good Citizens, and AirRobe tackle sustainability in the eCommerce space, providing their own solutions as examples on why acting sustainably is important, and teaching attendees on how to incorporate these practices into their own businesses. With Good360’s mission being to redirect brand-new unused goods to Australians in need, it was encouraging and inspiring to see retailers being shown the importance of sustainable practices and the benefits it can have on not only their business, but the planet as a whole.

Kate said about the experience, “Attending Online Retailer and seeing how the retail space is turning towards more sustainable and socially-conscious practices was incredible to see. Thanks to RX Global, we were able to become informed on the priorities of modern retailers and consider how Good360 could help these businesses seeking sustainability solutions.”

Thank you to RX Global for giving the Good360 team the opportunity to increase our visibility to retailers and for having us as a charity partner, spreading our mission as a connector for businesses and Australians in need.

Reed Gift Fairs Sydney will be returning from 18 – 21 February 2023, bringing together thousands of retails and suppliers under one roof at the ICC Sydney, alongside Life Instyle.

You can read more about RX Global here and follow their Instagram and Facebook pages.


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