Alison Covington : The Politics of Everything Podcast

Amber Daines recently interviewed our Founder Alison Covington on her podcast, The Politics of Everything, where they discussed the politics of Disaster Recovery. The Podcast Explores Alison’s career, the impact Good360 has had in disaster recovery and the complexity of giving during times of disaster. Get your headphones ready and have a listen.

A disaster brings out the best and at times, the worst in everyday ordinary people. Rarely is it something less polarizing. Thinking of devastating bush fires, major floods, or terrorist attacks and the raw, media images of what disaster looks like — and the days that follow — are pretty confronting for many people, let alone those experiencing the incident firsthand.

My guest today is Alison Covington, the woman who brought the ‘Good360’ charity to Australia.

Good360 is Australia’s largest online marketplace, matching surplus brand-new goods to people most in need.  It offers the retail sector a sustainable, community-focused option to redirect surplus products from landfills.”

Get your headphones ready and listen to the episode below, alternatively you can listen on Apple Podcast or wherever you get your podcasts.

Learn more about Good360’s approach to disaster recovery on our website.


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