Optus Donate Your Data® Program Provides Good360 Members with Digital Access

On our journey to bridge the digital divide, with 1 in 4 Australians currently living without digital devices, Good360 Australia is grateful to have the support of Optus to provide our members with the means to support their communities and relieve the financial pressures of purchasing data and devices. With the Optus Donate Your Data® program, members and their communities can receive free mobile data, texts, and calls, keeping them connected to all of Australia and the world.

As of 2022, over 2,000 SIM cards have been activated by our members. Throughout Australia, Optus has been a part of many SIM activation including events for recently-arrived Ukrainian refugees, with whom they have provided a means to a fresh start for their new lives. Data has also been a massive aid for our school members, who can now provide both students and teachers with improved resources to assist in their work. Take a look at this quote from Kogarah High School, who have relieved economic stresses from their school community.

“What a wonderful thing the donation of data from Optus has been. This has been especially valuable for some of our senior students who need internet access for completion of classwork, homework and assessment tasks.”

– Kogarah High School

Donate Your Data® offers 2 types of FREE prepaid SIM Card Plans:

  • Crisis – a free 6-month prepaid SIM card plan designed to support eligible individuals facing an immediate crisis situation or significant displacement from home, needing instant mobile data and call connectivity (valued at $240).
  • Impact – a free 12-month prepaid SIM card plan designed to support eligible individuals enrolled in education, training and longer-term support programs.

To source SIM cards for your community, visit our catalogue today. For information on how to activate your organisation’s SIM cards, watch the below video:

Thank you to Optus for the opportunity to bridge the digital divide in communities across Australia. Without the Donate Your Data® program and your generosity, our members would have to go without providing digital access to their communities.


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