More than 35 million items donated, 6500 tonnes diverted from landfill, and it all started in Woonona

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Region Illawarra; May 24, 2023

Many people in the Illawarra have never heard of Good360 Australia, a charity that has placed more than 35 million items into the hands of those who needed them and diverted around 6500 tonnes of “perfectly good” wares from landfill in the process.

Even fewer locals know it all started right here, with Woonona resident Alison Covington.

In 2012, having survived a life-threatening illness, Alison was re-evaluating her life. She had built a successful career as a managing director in public transport and had owned a small clothing importation business – but none of it seemed fulfilling anymore.

In search of a higher purpose, she started investigating ways she could use her unique skill set for good. There were many charities she felt compelled to support, but one gave her the option to reach them all.

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