Member of the Month – Bligh Park Community Services Inc

Congratulations to our Member of the Month for July, Bligh Park Community Services Inc. Since joining Good360 in 2020, they have shown exceptional compassion by providing vital aid to their community during natural disasters, including the COVID-19 pandemic, fires, and ongoing floods. Their numerous impact stories also speak volumes about the profound difference they’ve made, which you can read further below. Read about the many programs Bligh Park Community Services Inc provide and the heartfelt reactions they have received from community members receiving new items.

When did Bligh Park Community Services Inc join Good360?
March 2020.

What programs do you use your Good360 donations for? Who does the program serve? How does it impact Australians in need?
We use many items in programs for our regular clients including our Food Program, Old Men’s Group, Youth Group, Craft Ladies, OOSH plus Emergency Relief. We have also helped communities affected by natural disasters (including fires and floods), COVID-19 and cost of living increases.

What is your favourite moment/interaction that you have had with a client when utilising the Good360 product?
Our favourite would have to be Christmas time and seeing children with their presents. Their eyes light up with so much joy with what we chose for them.

How does Good360 help your mission?
By helping us with resources that directly improve the lives of children, young people, families, individuals, and older people in our communities.

What would happen if Good360 wasn’t here to help?
We would only be able to meet basic necessities for our community, rather than the extras and luxuries a lot of our Good360 orders have provided.

What is your favourite donation you have received from Good360? Why?
The wooden baby/toddler toys were our favourite because not only are they lovely toys, but the reactions we got from the excited children were heartwarming.

How many lives have you impacted through Good360’s donations?
Multiple thousands!

To learn more about Bligh Park Community Services Inc, check out their website and Facebook page, or reach some of their touching impact stories.


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