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Matchmaker – Connecting surplus to need

Ingenuity, innovation and a dash of creativity is helping lift up thousands of Australians in need and stretch not for profit’s budgets further.

Good360 connects surplus with need, matching businesses’ brand new excess goods to Australians most in need.

Eligible schools with an ICSEA ranking below 1,000 and not for profits registered with the ACNC can now access free membership and choose from hundreds of brand new goods – everything from clothing and nappies, to books and toiletries from Good360’s website.

Good360 members are thinking creatively, using ingenuity and innovation to make the most of the available products and have greater impact with their programs.

Good360 founder and managing director Alison Covington said: “Innovation is one of our core values. We want to help Australians in need by providing the essentials such as hygiene products and clothing but also items that inspire, foster learning, and provide moments of joy.”

Lomandra School in Campbelltown has made Good360 its go to supplier. Catering for students in Year 5 to Year 12 with severe challenging behaviours and/or emotional disturbances, Lomandra School thinks outside the box to help prepare its students for life beyond school.

Audrey Nable, community liaison officer at Lomandra, told us: “Creative kids are engaged kids and Good360 products enable us to create opportunities for learning by supplying products to our school and other charities”.

Lomandra School ordered a range of bucket hats, which they were then able to tie-dye orange and wear for Harmony Day. This was a fun and engaging activity which aligned with their aim of creating learning experiences that extend practical and academic skills, strengthen emotional intelligence and promote social responsibility.

Through impact stories Good360 members are able to share success stories and insights with other not for profits and schools, and stories to inspire businesses to donate more products. From Mother’s Day gifts created by Holroyd Parramatta Mobile Minders using LUSH products, to Boredom Buster bags given out to young people in hospital by Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia, to LEGO helping team building exercises at Yalari scholarship orientation camp. Those that benefit most from Good360 are members that think outside the box.

Lieutenant Brad McIver, community service operations manager at Salvation Army, said: “I don’t understand why you wouldn’t have a working relationship with Good360. We need Good360 to be viable, they provide us with a range of tools that we can make available to clients.”

The Salvation Army has 153 sites registered and has received over $10 million (RRP) of product since December 2015.

Last Christmas Global Care Australia (iCare) was able to impact over 500 lives providing 200 Christmas hampers filled with brand new items. A recipient and single father said: “Last Christmas I had nothing, no food and no presents and no one. This Christmas I had food, even presents and wrapping paper to wrap them up and family. I can’t thank you enough and express what this means to me and my family, thank you.”

Since 2015 Good360 has helped connect 8 million brand new donated items from leading brands and retailers to Australians most in need. The total value of the repurposed goods is in excess of $85 million. These items now have a second lease on life, proving that one person’s extra is another person’s essential.

Large or small, charities across Australia have been using the products ordered from Good360 to reduce costs and increase their impact in ways that not only improve their bottom line but also their service offerings.

To find out how Good360 could benefit your organisation, visit Good360’s website or phone the Giving Team on (02) 8594 3600.


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