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Jeanswest joins Good360 as new Local Store Donation Partner

Good360 is excited to partner with Jeanswest to bring a new Local Store Donation Program to our member charities and eligible schools. Following a repositioning of its brand, Jeanswest sought to find an ethical method to repurpose surplus items identified as ‘end of line product’. Good360 has worked together with 90 Jeanswest Australian stores to connect their brand-new men’s and women’s clothing to local charities and schools to distribute to people in need in their communities. 

Good360 is a matchmaker, we connect brand-new surplus goods donated by businesses to over 2,000 charities and disadvantaged schools Australia wide. We have connected over 14 million brand new items to people in need since our launch in 2015.

Real Community Impact

The generosity and support of our business partners, such as Jeanswest, has a profound impact on the Australian community. Good360 Founder and Managing Director, Alison Covington, said: “Australia is experiencing an unprecedented time full of challenges; battling bushfires, floods, drought and the impact of COVID-19. In the last six months alone, Good360 has connected over 1.2million items to disaster affected Australians to help ease some of the pressure.”

“Good360 gives businesses and brands like Jeanswest an ideal avenue to repurpose their stock in an economical and environmentally friendly way, whilst also helping the community during times of need,” Alison said.

The impact of this Local Store Donation Program is highlighted in the feedback from Good360 member Coomealla Health Aboriginal Corporation who said, “[Our] staff were very excited to pick up jeans, shorts and tops of such quality to be able to give to our community. Our community will be stepping out proud!”

Global Care Australia – (iCare) were also connected to a Jeanswest store and expressed their gratitude saying, “the donation is extraordinary, we are so happy and so overwhelmed at the opportunity to now be able to give away such amazing clothes to so many who have nothing.”

Jeanswest do more

George Yeung, Managing Director, Jeanswest Aust/NZ, said: “In the past month we have re-opened over 100 of our stores across Australia and New Zealand, and we are currently working to reposition our brand back to where we are at our best.  Our strategy is to ground the business in all things denim and denim related, whilst developing a closer authentic connection to local communities.

Throughout this process, we were able to identify end of line products which we wanted to do more with, rather than looking at a markdown strategy. We knew there were individuals and communities that were in great need of clothing during this time.

Through our partnership with Good360, each of our Australian stores were able to be paired with the local charity in the most need for clothing. The relationship with Good360 has allowed all of our store teams to be a part of the company initiative by being able to develop a local community connection. 

We have been overwhelmed with heartfelt feedback from our teams out in stores who have been touched by being able to personally contribute to those going through a tough time in the town or suburb where they work and live.”

Join Good360’s Local Store Donation Program

If you would like to find out more about how your business can participate in our Local Store Donation Program please contact or visit to find out more.


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