Alla and her kids are sleeping in their clothes because they can’t afford heating

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SBS News; May 27, 2023

With Australia’s winter approaching and the cost of living soaring, families like this one are struggling to keep warm.

Alla Storozuk lives in a rented Sydney apartment with her two children, Mykola, 15, and Yasa, seven.

The 43-year-old says she can’t afford to pay for heating, so they all sleep in their clothes.

“It’s cold, really cold,” she said.

“In bed, we are wearing a lot of things: pyjamas, socks, jackets and pants.”

Sydney experienced its coldest night in 24 years earlier this month, with the temperature set to drop as low as 7C this Sunday.

Ms Storozhuk is far from alone. Not-for-profit Good360 supports 3,600 charities nationwide and said this month, demand has surged.

“We’re on track to donate $17 million worth of goods in May, that’s up from $12 million in April and $5 million in March,” said founder and managing director Alison Covington.

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Learn more about Good360’s work during the cost of living crisis here.


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