France’s disposal ban – the movement begins!

France pledges to end disposal of $900 million in unsold goods each year!

You may have seen in the news recently – France has announced from 2023, manufacturers and retailers will have to donate, reuse or recycle their excess and surplus goods. France plans to outlaw the destruction of unsold consumer products, a practice that currently results in the disposal of new goods worth 800 million euros, or more than $900 million, in the country each year. This follows on from France requiring large supermarkets to donate any food that is still edible, which has seen a 22% increase in food donations.

The Good360 team were ecstatic to hear the news, while it may have little impact on Australian legislation in the short term, it brings to light the important question – Where do all the good things go?

For Good360’s generous donors including L’Oréal, BIG W, LUSH, LEGO, Moose Toys and many more the answer is straight into the hands of Australians who need it most.

Good360 help create greater impact from brands donated goods through our online giving platform. Good360 allows bulk donations that can be spread across a wide variety of Not for Profits and eligible schools across 24 cause areas. To date, through the generous donations of our Corporate Partners, we have been able to support 1,207 members.

Now when L’Oréal or BIG W receives a call requesting a product donation, they can confidently point them in the direction of Good360. We do all the due diligence for businesses, so they know their products are going into the right hands and won’t be used for monetary gain. To be eligible for Good360 membership Charities and Not for Profits need to be registered with the ACNC and schools need an ICSEA ranking less than 1,000.

The ban in France will start a conversation globally about how businesses and Not for Profits can work together to provide solutions to repurpose excess and surplus goods. Good360 has the technology and know-how to make a ban on the destruction of unsold consumer products work in Australia. This is the beginning of a global movement and we want you on the journey with us.

If you or someone you know could benefit from working with Good360 contact our team on (02) 8594 3600.

Read the full New York Times article ‘France to end disposal of $900 million in unsold goods each year’


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