Optus Announce Donate your Device Program

Donate Your Device invites Australians to donate their preloved phones to someone who needs it

Press Release via Optus
29 November 2021, 09:00 AM

Today Optus has announced an extension to its successful Donate Your Data™ program – Donate Your Device – which now invites Optus customers to donate their unused phones to people who need it most.

Many Australians are being left behind because they don’t have access to a smart phone and much needed internet connectivity. With the help of our trusted charity partners, Donate Your Device is an in-store service that invites customers to help bridge the digital divide.  Your spare handset could help connect loved ones, provide access to education, job opportunities, give access to vital services and open a new chapter of someone’s life.

Launching with charity partner Good360, Optus will pair the handset with a Donate Your Data™ SIM, which includes unlimited calls and SMS on an Optus prepaid SIM so the person receiving is ready to go. They’ll be connected to the Optus Living Network in no time and will be able to access a collection of on-demand innovative network features designed to empower Optus customers to transform their daily connected experience simply within the My Optus app, all powered by Optus’ world-class network.

To start making a difference all customers need to do is simply bring their phone into an Optus store and the team will help with the donation. The preloved phone will be cleaned and cleared of any data to prepare it for donation.

Optus’ Managing Director, Marketing and Revenue, Matt Williams, said, “Optus is proud to be working with our customers to enable Australians in need to power their potential by providing them with the essentials required to thrive in a digital world. 

“We believe all Australians should be able to stay connected. By working with Good360, we are enacting real change in our communities.”

Good360’s Founder & Managing Director, Alison Covington, said

“Good360 are proud to partner with Optus on their Donate Your Device initiative. The digital divide is a huge barrier for many Australians leaving them vulnerable and isolated, missing out on many opportunities, as well as vital personal connections.  The Donate Your Device program will help provide equality and dignity for many people in need.”

Beyond helping Australians in need, the program also has a positive environmental impact. According to the Global E-waste Monitor 2020, approximately 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste that generated globally, or 7.3 kg per capita. This is projected to grow to 74.7 million metric tons globally in 2030, or 9 kg per capita. Through Optus’ commitment to reducing tech waste and helping to build a more sustainable world, if a phone is unable to be donated on to a recipient it will be recycled.

Since Donate Your Data™ launched in 2019, Optus has provided free connectivity to over 25,000 Australians in need. Optus is committed to expanding the program by working with other organisations to bridge the digital divide faced by Australians living in disadvantage.

For customers wanting to find out more information on Donate Your Device please visit: www.optus.com.au

If you are a business who would like to partner with Good360 please email corporatepartnerships@good360.org.au
Or you can learn more about Good360 membership and signup today.


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