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How LEGO Encourages Development Through Play

At Good360 we aim to connect the right goods to the right people at the right time. That is why we choose partnerships that have purpose in order to source goods that will be beneficial to the communities we serve. We are extremely grateful to have LEGO as one of our product donors, having been a donor since 2020. Throughout our partnership, LEGO have kindly donated goods that have contributed to the wellbeing and development of children across Australia, with organisations utilising them for learning programs, gift packs, therapy, and more.

About LEGO Therapy

It has been proven that LEGO can have extra benefits on the developmental and communication skills in children. Through a concept called LEGO Therapy, which was designed in 2004 to support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and communication challenges, children are able to learn these skills in a controlled and structured play environment. Research shows that LEGO therapy often taps into the natural interests of children with ASD; they know what to expect and what is expected of them, and any uncertainty is ruled out by the instructions provided with the toys. As a construction toy the bricks are predictable and systematic, which has been shown to be an effective method of delivering therapeutic interventions for children with ASD.

For children in general, playing with LEGO teaches skills such as turn-taking, sharing, listening, and problem solving, and allows children to develop these skills in a social situation. As they are guided into solving problems, children gain an increased sense of confidence and independence, and are more willing to initiate social interactions.

How does LEGO therapy work?

LEGO therapy sessions usually enlist three to four people playing specific roles: the Engineer, the Supplier, and the Builder, with a fourth person having the role as the Foreman. The Engineer takes charge of reading from the LEGO booklet and must use communication skills to describe what pieces are needed and how to put them together. The Supplier ensures the team has the correct pieces of LEGO for the Builder, checking in with the Engineer to make sure each piece is correct. The Builder is responsible for building the project, listening to the instructions from the Engineer and putting each piece together to create the final product. If a fourth person is playing as the Foreman, they must make sure that the team is working together harmoniously.

From research conducted on LEGO therapy and its results, the findings are overwhelmingly positive and prove the role of LEGO in creating behavioural and social benefits. Playing with LEGO sees a significant reduction in maladaptive behaviours such as tantrums, avoidance of responsibility, and aggression. It has also shown to ease anxiety of preschool aged children after hospitalisation.

Our Members and LEGO

Throughout our partnership with LEGO, we have been able to see these benefits through our members, who have shared stories on how donations have made a positive impact on the children in their community. 

One story comes from Technology for Ageing and Disability (SA) Inc, who received a donation of LEGO in June this year to aid children and young adults with special needs. As a charity that designs solutions to enable children and adults with disabilities to perform tasks they may otherwise be unable to do, LEGO was the perfect solution for kids of all ages to participate in play. 

They said about the experience, “Many of these children we work with, have sensory issues that limit what kinds of lights or noises they can enjoy in a toy, or they may be older and want to use the same ‘tech like toys’ as their friends, but with modifications for their needs…Building with bricks is a multi-sensory, open-ended experience, and we have seen how LEGO play can be tailored to any person’s unique needs, such as vision or hearing impairment, mobility challenges, or behavioural impairment such as autism or ADHD.” (Read the full impact story here).

Another example is from Morphett Vale East School, who garnered their student’s curiosity and creative problem-solving skills and encouraged them to create their own projects outside of the provided instruction booklet. As a school that encourages students to be inquisitive about their learning, they created an environment that did not place limits on creativity and encouraged thinking outside the box. (Read the full impact story here).

R&R Care Limited were also able to use it as a therapeutic device. As a charity that provides support services for every need, R&R Care received some LEGO they were able to use to develop fine motor skills, the ability to follow directions, and visual coordination in their clients. Clients of all ages were able to enjoy building structures while also developing the skills we need most. They said about the donation, “LEGO is such a popular tool with young and old alike and for R&R Care Ltd, being able to access these products through Good360 helps us assist people of all ages in developing skills.” (Read the full impact story here.

Thank you to LEGO for being a generous donor and allowing us to enhance the creativity of children in need across Australia. You can read impact stories from members who had received LEGO here.

Does your charity or school have a need for LEGO for the children in your community? Check out our available stock, or sign up to become a Good360 member today.

If your organisation is interested in learning more utilising LEGO for education, contact us today.


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