Cost of living crisis a ‘silent disaster’ as charities struggle with demand

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ACM; September 25, 2023

Charities are redirecting millions of dollars worth of unsold goods from landfill but need more support to deal with an unfolding “silent disaster”.

Aussies are reining in spending during the cost of living crisis; buying less and leaving stock sitting on shelves.

Good360, a charity that redirects unsold goods to people in need, receives five skip bins worth of products that otherwise would have been sent to landfill every week.

But with more Aussies in need charities are also facing huge demand and soaring workloads.

Founder and managing director of Good360 Australia Alison Covington described the cost of living crisis as a “silent disaster”.

“If you look at bushfires, when people can see that the country is burning governments, businesses and individuals fund charities to do this work,” she said.

“Because the cost of living is quite silent, people don’t know that charities need assistance.”

Read more about Good360’s efforts during the cost-of-living crisis here.

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