Charity fears environmental crisis due to unsold retail goods

Media Coverage
The Senior; September 16, 2023

The economic crisis could be giving rise to a new environmental crisis – an over abundance of unsold retail goods going to landfill.

Good360 – a charity that delivers unsold consumer goods to other charities and disadvantaged schools, has seen a 20 per cent increase in the volume of unsold products received from businesses over the last 12 months.

These goods – which included clothes, homewares, appliances, toiletries and toys, would have otherwise been wasted sitting in warehouses or sent to landfill, had the charity been unable to redistribute them.

Founder and managing director Alison Covington said despite Good360 redistributing millions of dollars’ worth of items, there could be many more unsold consumer goods going to landfill.

Ms Covington said an economic report by Deloitte commissioned by the charity last year found $2.5 billion worth of unsold household goods are wasted by businesses every year.

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