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BIG Win: BIG W partners with Good360 to help deliver more than 400,000 new items to those in need this festive season

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6 November 2017

Retailers’ generosity will result in the delivery of 400,000+ products to more than 500 charities as part of the NFP’s #makegoodhappen Christmas 2017 campaign

In a huge coup for charitable organisations aiding Australians in need, pioneering Not for Profit Good360 has joined forces with major retailer BIG W, to provide more than 400,000 brand new excess stock items to thousands of disadvantaged Australians in time for Christmas – one of the most distressing times of the year for our 105,000[i]homeless and the three million[ii]Australians living below the poverty line.

“We’re delighted to welcome BIG W to Good360 as a donor partner, and we hope their generosity will inspire other retailers to get involved. By connecting retailers’ and manufacturers’ excess, obsolete and end-of-line consumer goods with the people who need them the most, we’re finding tangible solutions for the issues facing both business and Australians doing it tough,” said Good360 Founder and Managing Director Alison Covington.

Good360 partners with retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers who donate end-of-line or over-stocked goods which would otherwise be discounted below cost, sent overseas, stagnate in warehouses or end up in landfill. Good360 then offers those goods free of charge (other than a nominal shipping & handling cost) to its network of over 500 charitable organisations Australia wide, who then rapidly distribute the goods to Australians in need.

“Partnering with Good360 is a perfect match with what BIG W has to offer. We want to help Australian families across the country and at the same time be responsible for how we manage our excess inventory. Donating 400,000 brand new items means that we can, together with Good360, make a great impact nationwide on communities in need this Christmas and beyond,” said BIG W Managing Director, David Walker.

“In Australia, we are talking about food waste and finding the solution for this problem, but people have other basic needs, like clothing, bedding and toiletries to name a few.  We now want to ask the question: So where do all the other good things go? Good360 partners with business to connect these brand new excess goods that have opportunity to change people’s lives where we work and live,” said Ms Covington.

“Good360 benefits businesses, the environment and Australians in need all at once. We find a meaningful use for business’ unwanted stock, we help the environment by re-directing goods which would otherwise go to waste, and we supply brand newitems most of us take for granted – clothing, shoes, stationery, toiletries, linen, toys, small electrical goods and other everyday items – to people who can’t afford them,” explained Ms Covington.

“These small things have such an enormous impact and we’re hoping BIG W’s commitment, and compassion, spurs more retailers and manufacturers to step up their corporate social responsibility efforts and join us,” added Ms Covington.

Since 2015, Good360 has received more than $21 million worth of donated excess stock from Australian businesses, and delivered over 1.1 million personal care products and almost 35,000 toys to thousands of grateful Australians through its network of charities.

Last year, Good360 raised $100,000 to drive its Christmas campaign which offered free Australia-wide shipping and handling to its member charities, leading to distribution of $2.3 million worth of goods to brighten up the festive season in the month of November alone.

“With Christmas fast approaching, we’re doubling our efforts to beat last year’s campaign, and our new partner BIG W’s huge contribution should guarantee we reach, if not exceed, our target to supply $5 million of new goods to Australians in need.”

Donated goods are provided free-of-charge to Good360’s member charities, who can order items through its e-commerce store and opt to collect the goods from the organisation’s Smithfield warehouse in western Sydney to save shipping cost, or have them delivered for a nominal shipping and handling fee.

Following the success of its Christmas campaign last year, Good360 is offering existing and new member charities $400 worth of free shipping and handling – which will give the charity approximately $4,000 worth of goods delivered to their door absolutely free, or $800 worth of Click & Collect which would mean the charity could pick up $16,000 worth of free goods from the Smithfield warehouse in November. More than 13,000 goodie bags have also been prepared across categories including babies, children, men, women and teenagers to make it easy for the charities to have even greater impact in their communities.

“We’re inviting both interested charities and retailers to urgently get in touch to discuss partnership possibilities so that we can make Christmas 2017 an occasion to celebrate for everyone, no matter what their financial circumstance,” said Ms Covington.

In addition to retailers, individuals can also support their favourite charities via the #makegoodhappen Christmas 2017 campaign by either donating time or money by visiting the Donate Timeor Donate $tabs on the Good360 website

Both Alison Covington (Good360) and David Walker (BIG W) are available for interview upon request.

Campaign hashtag #makegoodhappen


Good360 Australia

Good360 is an innovative Not for Profit organisation that is changing the face of product philanthropy by helping to connect excess inventory and unwanted goods with charities and people who need it most. Since 2015, Good360 has worked in conjunction with retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers to deliver millions of products worth in excess $21 million. All the goods are provided free-of-charge and can be ordered via the ecommerce store. Charity members – which pay an annual registration fee of $250  (+ GST) – can choose to have the goods delivered for a nominal shipping and handling fee, or pick them up from Good360’s warehouse in Smithfield, NSW.

In addition to BIG W, Good360 also has partnerships with other major companies, including 3M, L’Oréal, Winc (formerly Staples), Qantas, Moose Toys, LUSH and many others.

For further information:

Anne Wild/Anna Caswell

Anne Wild & Associates – Media Representatives of Good360 Australia


Telephone: +61 2 9440 0414

Mobile: 0420 736 136


[ii]Source: Australian Council of Social Service, Social Policy Research Centre (UNSW) Poverty in Australia 2016 Report


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