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Good360 provides businesses with a one-stop solution for your excess inventory. Our mission is to provide charities of all sizes and causes nationwide, with access to vital corporate product donations, enabling them to save money, expand programs and strengthen their impact. We’re here to ensure your donated goods go to the right places. Unsure if your business is right for our mission? We’ve made you a quick list to see why it’s so beneficial for your company to be involved with a charity like us.

It’s not uncommon to see many companies participating in their community’s growth. Whether the assistance comes financially or through a physical team effort, there are so many benefits to helping out Not for Profits. When you donate to Good360, your business’s efforts have a long lasting impact across the country. Our job here is to be a win-win resource for both Not for Profits, as well as your business. And here are just a few of those wins:

  1. Attract Top Talent for Yourself

When people are looking to grow their career, they take the time to really investigate their next step. Potential hires may explore your company’s website to not only view your latest ROI, but to see the business’s philanthropic side. If they see reports showing your team’s dedication to CSR, top talent may be more enticed to be on your side!

  1. Speaking of CSR: We Help There, Too

Giving back to your community can be time consuming. Our team here at Good360 will make a tailor-made giving program just for your business. This way, all of your efforts, finances and donated goods are organised efficiently. There is no need for complicated steps or to be overwhelmed when it comes to donating goods; we’re here to make the process incredibly simple.

  1. See Your Impact Take Life

Your donation of new goods is not the end of your time with us. Anything that you deliver to us for our charity members is trackable. This way, you can truly see where all the goodness goes.

One of our generous donors is LUSH, a company that creates beautiful, hand made beauty products. Ariahne Thompson from LUSH loves the ease of it all: “The process is simple and effective, LUSH donates to Good360 because we are confident in knowing that our products are going to the best possible places and where they can create a real impact.”

  1. The (Buying) World Will Love You More

“Some 55 per cent of global consumers say that they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact,” says a source from online journalism group Raconteur. When people discover your business loves its surrounding community, you create a brand that is relatable and likeable. Your team’s willingness and commitment will show buyers and investors that you not only appreciate your own sustainability, but the longevity of those around you.

  1. A Happy Bottom Line

Maybe your team are coming to the end of its financial period and some budget needs to be spent, or perhaps your storage facility is overflowing with excess stock that is collecting dust and needs a philanthropic after-life. Good360 is your one-stop solution.This way, your budget for next time doesn’t get cut, or your warehouse space suddenly grows.

When all is said and done, we just want to help vitalize the community we reside in. Whether you sell goods or provide a service, there is so much you can do when it comes to philanthropic efforts. As always, our team at Good360 is happy to answer your questions about becoming a donor so we hope to hear from you soon! Visit us here or call our team on 02 8594 3600.

The fabulous folks at OzHarvest Canberra receive brand new computer desks for their office, plus cooking gear for one of their programs, thanks to generous businesses donating their excess goods.

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