Where Do My Online Shopping Returns Go?

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How fun is shopping from the couch, bus, or even bathroom? (Too much information?). Huge warehouses around the world with robots, just waiting for the command of my thumb; to pick and ship my latest desire.

The only downfall is when I order the wrong size, enter the wrong address or order a hot pink surfboard by mistake…

The great mystery: Where do my returns go?

I thought they simply delivered them back to the warehouse, handed the stock over to a friendly warehouse operator who navigated his/her way to place each item back on the shelf that they were picked from.

It’s possible…

However, what happens when you’ve designed a custom-made pair of shoes? Or, for that matter, what if thousands of women around the world are designing their own shoes? And what if those shoes came with a 365 day refund or remake guarantee? It’s far from hypothetical.

Online success story Shoes of Prey donates all its returned stock to charity. That’s right, all of it!

It all started in January of 2014 when Alison Covington, Founder/ Managing Director of Good360 made contact with Jodie Fox, Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer and the face of Shoes of Prey. Since then, Shoes of Prey has donated over $1.6m worth of shoes to Good360 and the relationship continues. Good360 distributes the shoes to charities around Australia for the cost of shipping and handling.

Who are these wonderful women?

The woman behind Shoes of Prey:

Jodie Fox

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

From a background in advertising and law, Jodie now applies her communication savvy and sense of style to her true passion: outfitting women around the world in beautiful shoes. Her role encompasses product development, public relations and being the global face of the brand.

The woman behind Good360:

Alison Covington

Founder/ Managing Director.

As a former Director of a multi-million dollar public transport business, Alison developed a record for innovation, raising standards and increasing profitability in loss-making companies. Her successful business prowess has become a platform for her philanthropic ideas.

Is it only a matter of time before men’s shoe or clothing giants do the same? If so, it can’t come soon enough. But, for now, I have a small (and pink) surfboard issue to resolve…




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