Volunteer Spotlight – Anne Nelson

 In Faces of Good360

Anne Nelson

Commenced Volunteering April 2016

Where do you call home? I was born in Sydney and have lived here most of my life. It’s a wonderful city (despite the traffic!), with a great mix of people, a beautiful setting and a wealth of opportunities and activities. I lived in the UK for about 4 years in my earlier years, which was a fabulous experience and gave me itchy feet for life. I have been lucky to have travelled fairly often since. Sydney is always a great place to come back to, especially as most of my family is based here.
A bit more about yourself… I have a great family – a wonderful husband of many years, two adult children and a gorgeous grand-daughter. My mother is still going strong at 93 years.

Most of my working life has been in science, which has always been my great interest. At the end of last year, I ‘retired’ from my paid position to take some new directions in life. I now combine volunteering with some contract work that enables me to still use my scientific skills and experience. It’s great to have flexibility and variety, and some more time to spend with family and travelling.

What roles/jobs have you undertaken before… for what organisation or industries? After university, I was a high school teacher for several years, then went back to study when my children were young. I worked in medical research for many years, doing a PhD and lab-based research. I then worked in scientific project management at a research institute, and most recently undertook evidence review work with a government health agency.
What are your passions…what interests you? I have a great family and group of friends and I really enjoy spending time with them and keeping in touch.

In my working life, science has always been my passion. I have always loved science, understanding more about how things work and learning something new. I’ve had great variety of experiences through work which I’ve loved. I have always really enjoyed teaching and mentoring in its many forms. The people I have worked with have always been the highlights of my work.

For leisure, I enjoy music, bushwalking, travel, reading and sharing great meals with good company.

What do you consider your main achievements in life so far? That’s a hard one! At the time I thought that doing a PhD was the biggest mountain I had climbed. In retrospect though I think that bringing up a family and having strong relationships with my partner and children, and making some contributions in health and teaching, would be the main achievements in my life so far.
How did you discover the opening here…what types of work do you undertake? I answered an advertisement on Seek volunteer to work with Good360 in grant writing. I work with the grants team to find funding opportunities and write applications for funding to support Good360 and its growth. We also contribute to writing reports to the funding organisations that have provided grants. It has also been great recently to be involved in setting up a software management system for tracking our grant applications and our successful grants.
What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Good360…how do you approach your day? The best things about volunteering at Good360 are being able to contribute to the growth of this great organisation, and to be part of a friendly, welcoming workplace. Good360 treats its volunteers very well and you feel appreciated and a real part of the organisation, especially when so many others are also volunteers. I always enjoy coming in to the office, catching up with everyone, being involved in seeking funding opportunities and doing grant writing.
What would you like to see Good360 achieve in the months ahead? I would love to see us have more success with our grant applications to help the organisation grow!

It would be great for Good360 to expand further, to help avoid waste and provide goods to those in need. Also, it would be great for the organisation to continue to provide and expand training and meaningful work experience at the warehouse and in the office.

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