Volunteer Profile: Stephen Peterson

 In Faces of Good360
What’s your name? Stephen Peterson
When did you commence with Good360? I commenced with Good360 in April 2016.
Where do you call home? Good question. I was born in Essex near London and lived there for 44 years. I relocated to Sydney around Christmas 2015 and look forward to calling Australia home when I receive my official citizenship. All said, and in the longer term, my belief that the planet should be borderless and suffers from notional and political delineation ideologies, will I suspect positively affect my future intent to see more of the world.
A bit more about yourself…

I enjoy speaking and listening, people-watching, technology, the beach, the city and some sports. I rarely watch TV because there is too much choice, often too many commercials. When I watch a movie it has to be pretty good for me to reach the end awake! I like a good discussion/debate with friendly company and I believe it is down to each of us to kick-start the journey to find our own inner peace.

What roles/jobs have you undertaken before…for what organisation or industries?

I have worked in the manned guarding industry for many years; initially in a manual role and as the manager of a security team at a major London radio station. Predominantly, I have worked in business development for private suppliers of security staff where it was my responsibility to negotiate large security contracts for offices and corporations. As a sideline I have also written for music magazines and been a reviewer of video games.

What are your passions…what interests you? Music is a big draw for me – both playing and listening. I enjoy a diverse range of artists (either recorded or live from time to time), but although I consider myself a far better consumer of music than a creator of it, my acoustic guitar is a constant companion and rarely a day passes by without it passing through my hands. I am an avid daily meditator; this a habit I developed about three years ago and it assists me in staying relaxed, focussed and appreciating the moment.
What do you consider your main achievements in life so far?

Some twenty years ago I became a father for the first time. Subsequently I worked tirelessly to ensure that both my daughter, and later my son, were raised well and this is now paying dividends as I get the benefit of the knowledge that they are shining as young adults. Moving to Australia has also been a very large milestone in my life.

How did you discover the opening here…what types of work do you undertake?

I discovered the opening at Good360 Australia on the website of The Centre for Volunteering. Before commencing here I attended one of their seminars and this helped prepare me before I came on board with the team. In my role as Product Manager, I liaise with product donors large and small from 3M and Woolworths to independent retailers, to make sure that their giving progresses smoothly and efficiently; when this is achieved we can create the biggest impact upon the hundreds of domestic charities that use Good360 Australia and furthermore proper product management also ensures that our partners receive the fullest benefit of their generosity. In addition to this work I undertake copywriting duties from time to time – predominantly on our blog and I am presently assisting in the implementation of workflow systems that are set to improve the effectiveness our organisation.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Good360…how do you approach your day?

Volunteering means I get to work outside the limits and restrains of paid employment. It also allows me to gain valuable experience in areas I might otherwise not have encountered. Good360 is a great place to work as there is a healthy mixture of employees and volunteers which brings a nice balance to the office. In approaching my day, I generally try to complete every task I commence before moving on to another – I would like to think I’m a good multitasker but I know I’m not!

What would you like to see Good360 achieve this year?

More donorship partners, greater penetration and awareness of our work to charities, perhaps a workable proposition for a Good360 logo that could be included on consumer products so that buyers realise they are making an ethical choice…this would be my wish list for Good360 in the next twelve months and beyond.

What are (is) your goal(s) this year?

It is my goal to be in the position where I am generating a solid income by the end of the year and have plans in place to host or visit family and friends from overseas.

Any other information about you that might be useful? I can be a bit of a show-off and the more intimate the relationship, the richer the experience for all concerned, I believe, as they get to see more of my personality!
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