Volunteer Profile: Hongmin Lu

 In Faces of Good360
What’s your name? Hongmin Lu
When did you commence with Good360? I commenced with Good360 in March 2014.
Where’s home for you? I am at home anywhere I feel comfortable.
Tell us about the types of work you undertake here… At our offices in Mascot I undertake a variety of financial and accounting related work.
A bit more about yourself… I enjoy watching television and reading Manga; these are comics created in a traditional style which originated from Japan. Also when it’s soccer World Cup time I enjoy football and usually support Argentina.
What roles or jobs have you undertaken elsewhere? I am a qualified management accountant and I hold a Masters in Financial Analysis. After graduating I went on to work for the Peoples Insurance Company of China (PICC). This is a state owned organisation and China’s largest provider of casualty and property insurance.
What are your passions…what interests you? Homelessness is a problem that I would like to see eradicated and we are doing some excellent work here at Good360 to this end. I also enjoy watercolour painting and watching movies too.
What do you consider your main achievements in life so far? In late 2015 at a ceremony in Coogee, I won The Centre for Volunteering’s Sydney City East Student Volunteer of the Year award for my efforts here at Good360. In recognition of this I received a cheque and certificate.
How did you discover the opening here… Pro bono Australia is a website which distributes news, jobs, events and information and this is where I found the opening for my position.
What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Good36 and how do you like to approach your day? At Good360, the offices are open plan and this is a very nice environment to work in since it is more conducive to affective communication. This makes my work more enjoyable as I set about approaching my day, which I generally attack by working routinely.
What would you like to see Good360 achieve in the months ahead? I would like to see Good360 achieve more growth, in particularly I think more volunteers and product donors would be beneficial because this would allow us to become increasingly self-sustaining and employ more salaried staff. We could do more good as a result.
What is your goal this year? Later this year I am looking forward to travelling to South America.

Any other information about you that might be useful?



I can’t think of anything right now!

Hongmin Award
Hongmin Lu (r) receiving her award from the Federal Member for Sydney, Tanya Plebersik
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