Volunteer Profile: Bee Lee

 In Faces of Good360
What’s your name? Bee Lee
When did you commence with Good360? February 2015
Where do you call home? Sydney.
A bit more about yourself…

I love exploring new places, new food and new cultures. I love people and believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to get a head start. I volunteer as a playgroup leader in my local community and I was told, “it is crazy but we love it”.

I love variety and often have a lot of projects in my life going at the same time.

What roles/jobs have you undertaken before…for what organisation or industries?

I come from a food manufacturing background in Supply Chain and Research & Technology. I have worked as material technologist, quality architecture, food technologist, project management and food developer.

In my non-professional roles, I have worked in a church office, retail gift shops, organised events and travel for myself and others.

What are your passions…what interests you? My passion is to explore the world and its inhabitants. I enjoy exploring ideas and my little brain is always full of them. I also enjoy being part of an effective team.
What do you consider your main achievements in life so far?

My two daughters. There are no text books or degree to teach me, “how to be a good parent.” I have seen wonderful parents losing their children through one bad choice in life.

It has taken a life time of discipline, coaching and mentoring but to watch them grow into independent & caring individuals, contributing to society is my greatest achievement.

How did you discover the opening here…what types of work do you undertake?

I found Good360 through go-volunteer’s website, when I was looking for skilled volunteer role.

Most of my volunteer role has been an extra pair of hands to kick-start Good360. The tasks given to me vary from data entry, calling charities, unpacking & configuring donated stocks into SKU’s, to facilitating corporate volunteers in the warehouse including inspecting & matching donated office furniture.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Good360…how do you approach your day?

I love the concept behind Good360. It is fulfilling to see Good360 grow from a 3 person organisation with so little resources except dedication and persistence to what it is today. Every day is a new challenge but no one gives up!

I don’t have a set role, so it is difficult to tell you how I approach my day. At the moment, I spend my 2 days in the warehouse. My aim is to help the team there to process the donated stocks as quickly as possible.

What would you like to see Good360 achieve this year?

I would like to see a fun dynamic team of people who work hard together, but are able to stop and celebrate little milestones together. Key to a great organisation is a strong team of people supporting each other.

Unfortunately, I think this has not been a priority as everyone has too much to do.

What are (is) your goal(s) this year?

Goal in life or within Good360?

In life, to live life to the fullest and making time for people and picking up new skills. I have given up full time paid work to have a variety in life.

In Good360, to be able to volunteer more and be more involved. (I believe, I have been one of the longest standing volunteer now and the team thinks I know more than I actually do because I have been in & out.) Eventually, I would like to move into a new area if it is available and I have the skill set to contribute.

Any other information about you that might be useful?

My regret: I can’t dance!
Don’t think this is useful.

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