Volunteer Profile: Anmol Raheja

 In Faces of Good360
What’s your name? Anmol Raheja
When did you commence with Good360? I commenced with Good360 in April 2016.
Where do you call home? Australia is home for me, I have been living here for 20 years. My family came here from India, when I was a teenager and I feel Australia is my only home now.
A bit more about yourself…

I don’t really know what to say about myself and I believe everyone sees themselves in a different light. I consider myself to be a friendly, caring person who believes in helping his family and friends in any way possible.

I enjoy quite a few different things like cooking and experiencing different cuisines, listening to music especially RnB and Hip Hop. I have tried writing songs, poems and stories. Other things I enjoy are watching movies, playing video games and staying in touch with the latest technology.

What roles/jobs have you undertaken before…for what organisation or industries?

I have undertaken a variety of roles/jobs since I finished high school in 2000. My first job was working for a pizza restaurant and taking phone orders from customers. Later my family started a food business and I assisted in running that for a few years as an Assistant Manager. After this, we went into running a service station in Narrabeen for 10 years and I also worked there as an Assistant Manager, doing  a variety of tasks. I have also worked as a Brand Ambassador for a short while for a company called Posse.com and currently I work as a casual delivery driver for a pizza restaurant called Rosso Cavallino St Ives.

What are your passions…what interests you? There are a few passions in life for me right now; food, being creative, drawing, animation, writing and listening to music. Lately I have been interested in learning to play guitar, also into science fiction genre and I want to grow as a creative to further pursue a career.
What do you consider your main achievements in life so far?

I have done quite a few things in my life so far in relation to work. I see them as achievements I guess, but I am still waiting for more life experiences and to build my list of achievements. On a personal level, I feel having the support of family and friends and not being  judged on changing of your life goals is an achievement.

How did you discover the opening here…what types of work do you undertake?

I was looking for work as an entry level creative within the Media and Advertising industry. During my search I came across a copy writing intern role on Workible website, Good360 Australia. I saw it as an opportunity and applied for the role.

My daily tasks differ from day to day. I create content for the Good360 blog, do research and develop other content for the website.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Good360…how do you approach your day?

Volunteering at Good360 has been an experience for me. I used to think volunteering was just standing on the street asking people to give money to charities. But that is only one of the ways to support charities. The people here are friendly, caring and supportive about a cause to make life better for every person by assisting charities, which is why I enjoy volunteering at Good360. I see it as an opportunity to learn and grow my knowledge of not just how to be a creative but also on how to be a better person. I take my task seriously and try to complete it to a 100% standard and nothing less, including delivering on time.

What would you like to see Good360 achieve this year?

Since I started volunteering for Good360, it seems a lot of things have been happening here. I believe Good360 needs to grow more in terms of getting more charities on their list as clients. Also, if possible, go to the Australian Government and get them to support this type of organisation for charities. Build more brand awareness, not only with charities but also to the public and other businesses to become a recognisable brand and number one choice for any retailer with excess stock and any NFP in need. I will probably think of more goals for Good360, later.

What are (is) your goal(s) this year?

My goals are changing constantly depending on how I feel in my life. It is my wish to gain as much knowledge and experience to become a great creative and get a full time job where I can be happy and excited to work every day.

Any other information about you that might be useful? Another interest of mine is maybe opening a restaurant or maybe being a food critic. Also being there for people who need some sort of support. Also maybe work in the gaming industry.
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