Membership Tips

As a member of Good360 you will be able to select the brand-new goods you need for your program services, which have been donated by leading Australian brands and retailers.

Products including nappies and toys for domestic violence shelters, notebooks for schools, clothing and toiletries for residential centres, make-up for teens and women experiencing hardship and much more. Best of all, because it’s donated stock, you just pay a small Shipping & Handling cost.

Membership to Good360 is free and provides many benefits.

Our goal is to distribute

$1 billion of goods by 2025

to Australians that need them most

Getting the most out of your membership

  • Appoint a person to manage your Good360 membership. It’s a good idea to have at least two registered users to ensure that you don’t miss any offers. You can easily add additional users via your dashboard. You may have multiple users registered on the account.
  • Plan ahead: Stock is often limited, order goods when you see them so your programs don’t miss out.
  • Due to the nature in which we receive goods, our catalogue offerings change every day. We encourage you to check the catalogue frequently to ensure that you do not miss out and to get the most out of your membership.
  • Stay connected to Good360: make sure you keep your contact details up to date and call the Giving Team to advise of any changes.
  • We offer goods in bulk; please ensure that you have the capacity for storage.
  • Payment options are via Credit Card, PayPal or Good360 Credit which can be pre-purchased via the website or you can call the Giving Team to organise an invoice for Good360 Store Credit.
  • We will email you with important information about special offers, new products and promotions. This is our main line of communication, so it is important to not unsubscribe from our mailing list.
  •  It’s a good idea to follow Good360 on social media to stay informed of the latest news and updates.

Shipping and storing orders

Good360 goods must be shipped to your nominated delivery address. 

The goods are to be stored at a commercial or business location attached to the charity and not a personal residence.

Some orders will have a nominal Shipping & Handling fee applied depending on the size of your organisation and the specific goods being ordered.

Order limits

Specific limitations or eligibility requirements may apply to certain products and Good360 programs and promotions. 

For example, Good360 may restrict by order volume, geographic limitations, your cause or the size of your organisation. We may ask you additional questions to determine your eligibility to receive products or participate in programs and promotions as needed and we reserve the right to limit or cancel orders at our discretion. For more detail you can visit our FAQ page

Tips on getting started

When you first join Good360 placing your first order can feel a little overwhelming. 

See our video guide on navigating our catalog as well as how to place an order and any other handy tips and tricks.