The League of Extraordinary Good!

 In Faces of Good360

superhero Today is International Volunteer Day.  At Good360 Australia we don’t have volunteers we have #The League of Extraordinary Good.

An amazing team who by day may seem like ordinary folk, busily going about their lives. These mild mannered people are doing extraordinary work and they could be in a building near      you.

Our team ‘pop up’ and provide resources, work remotely or after hours, the life of a super hero is demanding, not a 9-5 job. The call goes out and they are there. Where would we be without them?

Why do people join our League? The opportunity to make real change and be part of something bigger than yourself. The most obvious of course is to use your skills for good rather than evil.

On International Volunteer Day we salute each and every super hero who has supported our journey you are in a League of your own!

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