The Good360 GivingPlace: A New Way Forward For Charitable Giving

 In General

Good360 is based on a simple idea: connecting companies that have excess goods to Australians in need.

In Australia, services that rescue excess food are already well established, including OzHarvest, Foodbank and SecondBite. But what is happening to the vast quantities of non-perishable goods that also end up in landfill each year?

Excess product and obsolescent stock are a reality for many companies and retailers. This can include apparel, toys, manchester, personal care products, office supplies, household goods, and much more. Companies often have no choice but to spend thousands on warehousing and moving around this excess – yet brand new – stock.

On the other hand, non-profits in Australia are struggling to stay alive. According to Grant Thornton’s Not for Profit Sector Survey 2013/2014, 80% of Australia non- profits are constantly looking for new ways to generate funds, and 40% cannot plan more than 12 months ahead based on their current support. It’s becoming increasingly clear that non-profits need a new model of funding.

Enter Good360, here to change the face of product philanthropy and charitable giving in Australia. Good360 will connect companies’ excess and obsolescent stock to non-profits who can use it to help people in need. The concept has already had 30 successful years in the US, where it has delivered over $8billion worth of goods to non-profits and made Forbes’ Top 10 Best-Managed Charities list.

Now, Good360 is preparing to make waves in Australia. With our GivingPlace anticipated to launch in November, we’re inviting Australia to watch our story unfold over the next few months, and be a part of it all.


The GivingPlace

The technology that will make this all happen is the Good360 GivingPlace. The GivingPlace will not just be a website or online catalog, but rather one central platform where companies can donate their product, charities can request what they need, and individual donors can easily support the causes they love. All under one roof. By bringing together these three groups, the GivingPlace will make charitable giving simpler, more effective and more efficient for all.

It’s all part of what Good360 calls the ‘circle of good’, based on the idea that there are mutual benefits for every stakeholder involved.

When you look closely at the features offered by the GivingPlace, there really does seem to be something for everyone.



1. Shop quickly for products you need with our simple yet powerful search interface.
2. Create product wishlists to engage supporters and crowdfund specific product requests.
3. Share powerful stories, photos and videos to showcase your organisation’s impact.


1. Upload product donations with ease and get an immediate response on whether they can be accepted.
2. See exactly where your products are being distributed and which non-profits are receiving your support.
3. Generate measurable and shareable impact as non-profits upload impact stories, pictures and videos that automatically appear on your company dashboard.

Individual Donors

1. Find all the causes you love under one roof – support your favourite charities and discover new causes.
2. Your donation goes further. Donations through the GivingPlace are used to offset your selected charity’s administration and shipping fees for requested products, so you’re directly enabling your favourite cause to receive the goods they need.
3. Count your impact through the stories, pictures and videos that charities upload, showing exactly what your donation contributed to.

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    This looks like a fantastic opportunity for some cash strapped not-for-profits and a great way to reduce landfill and help the environment.

  • Marie Haak


    We are a not for profit community based childcare centre that lacks office supplies, we really need a shredder lockable filing cabinets and white boards and basic office supplies, how can we go about receiving some of the donated goods?



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