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Stepping For A Cause

Get your feet ready to do some serious stepping- join the Good 360 team for Steptember!

What is Steptember? 

Steptember is a charity event to raise funds for and give support to people living with cerebral palsy, which is a disability that affects movement and posture. This event challenges anyone who wants to support this cause to take 10,000 steps a day for 28 days in September. Be an #AgentForGood and join the Good 360 team in stepping for a worthy cause! 

Good 360 Team for Steptember

Our team is committed to finishing their 10,000 steps every day- some dedicated steppers even going as far as taking 15,000 steps a day!

Here’s what some of our team members have been doing to get their steps up:


Keitan, who loves competing and hates losing said, “Tennis and whatever it takes to win! P.S. Cheryl threatened to reset my pedometer, so I’ll have to fashion a case for it.”

Cheryl is actively taking half hour walks during lunch time and is generally making more of a conscious effort to walk everywhere. As for Keitan’s baseless claims, Cheryl responded to his allegations with, “Keitan – we’re a team, as if I would try to reset your pedometer!”

Stephen has been adding lunchtime walks, swimming and yoga as additional activities, as well as getting off a station earlier and walking home. An anonymous source has reported overhearing him say, “But honey, its for charity..”

Alison, our fearless leader has been waking up earlier for a quick walk in the morning before work and going for a run in the evening while making sure wildlife doesn’t attack during her outings.

Delicia is not doing very well but if she had a pet dog, she would have tied it to its collar to get her steps up.

Ross kept it simple and said, “I don’t walk.” But if he did, he’d look great doing it.

How do I raise funds for Steptember?

Anyone from family, friends, and co-workers can be your sponsor, all they have to do is be willing to help such a worthy cause! From donating online to setting up fund raisers such as hosting sausage sizzles, bake sales and trivia nights, the opportunities to fund-raise are endless!

What kind of activities work for Steptember?

All sorts! If you’re moving, it can be recorded. Simply enter the length of time spent on the activity and the activity converter on the Steptember website will automatically calculate the corresponding number of steps taken during that activity.

There are over 40 recommended activities for increasing your steps including cycling, pilates and water skiing- just don’t forget to remove your pedometer as it is not waterproof!

Activities you can log:

Rugby league – 6,560 steps
Cycling – 6,327 steps
Pilates – 4,160 steps
Water skiing – 4,920 steps
Golfing – 4,985 steps
Tennis – 4,985 steps
Basketball – 5,106 steps
Ultimate frisbee – 4,985 steps
Boccia – 6,000 steps
Cricket – 4,960 steps
Gardening – 1,000 steps
Swimming – 6,048 steps
Yoga – 4,060 steps
Zumba – 6,825 steps
Tai chi – 4,060 steps
Manual wheelchair – 6,000 steps
Soccer – 5,960 steps
Surfing – 5,118 steps
Crossfit – 6,754 steps

For more information on join Steptember click here

For more information on being an #AgentForGood and sponsoring a charity, click here 

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