Imagine the difference 300 pallets of new, excess goods including Jamie Oliver plates and bowls, back to school gear, office supplies and equipment could do if it got into the hands of charities and nonprofits across Australia.


Good360 launched in Australia in 2015, and for the last 12 months, the organisation has put excess products from companies into the hands of some of the nation’s favourite charities, so that nonprofits could do more of what they do best—help people in need.


Woolworths is the latest and largest retail donor to partner with Good360 and make good happen.


The supermarket giant had too much of a good thing, and by donating it to Good360 these brand new unsold goods will soon be in the hands of over 400 registered charities.


Thanks to Scott’s Transport, five truckloads of goods were transported from Woolworths Victoria to Good360’s Sydney warehouse, made possible through funding provided by the Day Family Foundation and Lang Foundation.


With the ability to access much needed product from donors like Woolworths, charities registered with Good360 can access vital product donations which empower them to channel their limited resources towards what they do best.


Good360 Chief Operating Officer, Franscois McHardy says the recent support from Woolworths provides leadership to other retailers and manufacturers who might use the innovative nonprofit to dispose responsibly of their excess inventory when they next have a problem.


“Woolworths has a proven track record in sustainable business practices and Good360 is proud to be able to donate these fabulous products to people in need in communities across Australia,” he says.


“It’s also good for the bottom line and the environment, so everyone wins.”