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Good360 provides the answers on what NFPs really need.

Good360 Australia, an online one-stop shop for accessing non-perishable goods, have released a survey report outlining the needs and financial challenges faced by Australian charities and Not-for-Profits.

The report titled ‘Goods for the Greater Good’ , which was done in partnership with HLB Mann Judd, took survey data collected from a large pool of Australian charities and NFP organisations.

The report provides insights to understand the goods that charities need but cannot afford to purchase.

The key findings highlighted the following:

    • The most prominent charitable purpose is advancing social and public welfare at 53 per cent followed quickly by advancing health (44 per cent) and education (33 per cent)
    • The least prominent charitable purpose is natural environment (4 per cent) and preventing or relieving the suffering of animals (5 per cent)
  • Charities and NFPs of all sizes and causes found office supplies one of the most difficult to afford in their already stretched budgets
    (23 per cent)
  • Household goods such as linen (21 per cent), kitchenware (26 per cent) and furniture (28 per cent), remain unaffordable and the highest demand category.
  • Charities are struggling to meet the needs of the families in their communities particularly for men’s clothing (20 per cent), women’s personal care items (14 per cent) and children’s school supplies (17 per cent)

“We feel very privileged to have had the support of HLB Mann Judd to enable us to implement a national charity and Not for Profit Survey to gain a clear understanding of their needs” said Good360 founder Alison Covington.

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