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Goodman Group has donated a warehouse and 12 laptops to Good360, to support their operations in product philanthropy. The two organisations are working together to reinvent charitable giving, bringing a new era based on mutualism.

This involves the following aims:

  • Responsible disposal of products – ensuring that excess products can still be used by those in need
  • Deliver commercial savings – inventory that may either be seen as obstructive can still serve a purpose
  • Environmentalism – prevent unnecessary additions to landfill

The warehouse donated by Goodman, with a space of approximately 3,500 square metres, will be used to stockpile donations received from Good360’s many corporate donors. This is crucial for establishing the Good360 GivingPlace, an online platform which will enable companies to offer their excess product and charities to request it.

In addition, the donation of 12 laptops will assist Good360’s skilled volunteers in the following projects and operations:

  • GivingPlace – an online marketplace with a different cause.
  • Furthering our message strategy and campaigns.
  • Becoming one of the leading not-for-profit organisations in Australia.

CEO of Good360 Australia, Alison Covington, is enthusiastic about the partnership. She states that “this is a generous donation from one of Australia’s leading industrial property group, which represents our shared commitment to reduce corporate waste and help people in need.”

CEO of the Goodman Foundation, Joanne Cameron, also believes that “working in partnership with Good360 will greatly benefit the Australian community whilst ensuring important principles of sustainability and waste reduction. They really are doing good – better!”

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