Unique Australian social investment organisation pledges $100,000

Forming Circles, a social and ethical investment organisation, has pledged the final $100,000
required to launch Good360 Australia’s innovative software platform, the Good360 GivingPlace
which will underpin Good360’s operations in Australia.

Good360 connects businesses who have excess goods with charities who need them. It has been
operating successfully in the United States for three decades and is now being established in
Australia under the strong leadership of Alison Covington.

Renata Cooper, founder of Forming Circles is in the unique position of being Good360 Australia’s
founding donor, with an initial donation of $15,000 in May 2013, and being the final contributor to
reach the critical $350,000 milestone required to launch the GivingPlace platform.

Her social impact investment loan of $100,000 means Good360 Australia is well on the way to
launch by December this year, in time for charities and registered donors to request and receive
goods by Christmas.

Renata, a long time investor in social, small business and literacy projects, said Good360 Australia
had remarkable potential.

“Good360 matches businesses to charities and redistributes excess non-perishable goods like toys,
clothes, shoes, household goods and office furniture to charities who, in turn, pass them on to
people who need them most. We have nothing like this in Australia – our investment in this is a winwin
for charities, individuals in need, businesses and the environment. Forming Circles is based on
the power of giving and bringing about positive change in the communities around us; Good360 is an
epitome of this belief.”

Alison Covington, Good360 Australia Founder and Managing Director said: “Renata’s enduring
passion and support of Good360 has enabled us to reach a point where we’re ready to launch. She
has completed the final cycle of giving required to get us off the ground, and we’re thrilled to be
moving into launch stage.”

Good360 Australia now moved into development stage, and will be ready to launch across the
country in time for Christmas 2014.

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