Paper Bags – the Natural Choice

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Most people would say that paper bags are better than plastic, but have you ever stopped to consider why?

One thought on the subject brings a surprisingly simple answer. We as human beings respond more favourably to the natural environment around us, and to those things which are made directly from it. Though we are surrounded by synthetic products every day, we love to see a tree swaying in the breeze and a cow munching on some grass. The history of paper itself is about trees that were used to make the paper, with a visible and tangible connection between the source and the end use of the product. We like timber furniture, leather shoes, wool and cotton garments for the same reason, and we like them to last.

The first aspect to this observation, is that the source is renewable. Plants and animals grow and reproduce, so the source of the products that we use from them can be made available to following generations. Our link to nature itself and the cycle of life draws our choices toward them, often without knowing it’s happening. We want to be part of nature and of a better tomorrow.

The second aspect is related. Our behaviour toward natural items like paper bags will tend toward the reuse of that product, similar to the renewable energy patterns found in nature. Paper bags are an example, where if we are connected with the natural cycles of life, we will naturally want to reuse a paper bag for another purpose. We receive a paper carry bag with a purchase for example, then use it to send a gift to a friend, who may then have another use for it.

A third aspect is the option to recycle. In addition to reuse, we now have the ability to recycle paper bags back into the production process. The point here is that it can be recycled – it is a natural wood fibre product that came from trees, and once again, this adds to our connection with nature and the ongoing cycles of life.

In 2016, for the first time ever, as part of their #makegoodhappen Christmas campaign, Good360 put together Goodie Bags, of paper type, for babies, children, teenagers and men and women.  These Goodie Bags are available for their member charities and Not for Profits to distribute to their network for free! Naturally it made sense for Good360 to have chosen to use paper bags supplied and supported by Bag Mart Australia for this campaign, because to reuse and recycle from a renewable source is in line with their organisational ethos.

So if you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift why not purchase a bag for a member of the community in need, or they make a great solution for your Kris Kringle: visit to purchase a bag and  for further information on Bagmart visit .

The positive and natural reasons for using paper bags are more significant than most people realise and Bagmart looks forward to working with Good360 again on appropriate projects that lay ahead.

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